1. Nikkki

    Please help. Indian Ringneck "attacking" us.

    Hi fellow bird lovers, I have a beautiful grey Indian Ringneck (Alfonso) who turned 1 on November 21st. We're quite certain he's a male as I've seen him. doing what looks like a mating dance with some of his toys but he hasn't developed his ring yet. We brought home a beautiful 4 month old...
  2. RingneckRave

    Escaped Alexandrine

    Just to clarify: no, this is not my pet alex. But for a while now I've seen on rare occasion an alexandrine, first sighting was about year ago. Just saw him again this morning before he flew off, and it's not a native bird. I've attached an image of the bird from when my sister spotted it on the...
  3. Strangebird

    Step-up fail, biting boy

    I need some advice on teaching my Alexandrine to step up. He's 4 months old and I brought him home 1 month ago, his gender is unknown (I just use he/him for him, becuse why not). He was raised by his parents so he was wild and fearful when arrived. By now, he's a lovely, active, playful...
  4. T

    Seeking Advice - Female Indian Ringneck (Male Alexandrine Questions)

    I currently have a female Indian ringneck who I’ve been working with for five years. She chose my dad as her mate, but she knows I’m her caregiver. I have not lived with my parents in a while, and I’ve been living with my partner for a while. I have done so much research and gone through phases...
  5. JulietRose

    Does anybody know we’re to buy an Alexandrine in Texas?

    So, I’ve been thinking about getting an Alexandrine, but I can’t find anywhere reputable that sells them near me. Does anybody know any places I could get one? I live in southeast Texas and would be willing to drive a few hours or get it shipped, whatever works best. I just want to make sure...
  6. I

    Still researching, want some opinions!

    Hi everyone, I’m sure some of you have seen posts I’ve made about many parrot species as im researching all my options! I’ve come to the forums today to get some opinions about my compatibility with a couple species These are: African greys (timneh mostly) Eclectus Amazons Hahns macaws Meyers...
  7. 20220408_221844.mp4


    Our 2 Alexandrines have manged to hatch their first chick, there was 3 eggs, 2 hatched but alas one chick didn't make it but one has survived and mom is very protective over the remaining chick
  8. Ourbird In The "wild" - Sir Ourbird Steamplunk

    Ourbird In The "wild" - Sir Ourbird Steamplunk

    Our 26yo Alexandrine is quite colorful but swamped by those around us
  9. Alexandrine S

    Alexandrine S

    Feeding time
  10. Alexandrine S

    Alexandrine S

    Feeding time
  11. Alexandrine


    5 weeks old
  12. R

    My Alexandrines have laid eggs, how should I prepare?

    Hi so I've had my Alex for a few years now and last year we decided to get her a male. This is the first time she's laid eggs since we've gotten her. When they hatch I'd like to hand raise them, are there any good websites for advice? Also what will I need to buy to prepare for them? Thanks :)
  13. C

    Is my bird sick or is he mimicking me?

    My alexandrine worries me. I read some posts on this forum about birds mimicking their owners sneezes and other sounds, but I'm still not sure what to make of this. Sometimes (not regularly, he can go weeks without doing this) he'll make this snorting sound. He sometimes even lifts his head up...
  14. I

    wean my alaxendrine

    I have Alexandrine parrot of 3.5 months.After the kaytee feed i was giving him mashed fruits and vegetables like banana,apple,sweet potato,carrot and cucumber.He was eating all this by my hand till today. Today when i tried to feed the same he is not eating it. Any suggestions to which other...
  15. I

    i am about to get an Alexandrine chick of 2 -2.5 months

    Hi i am Ady and i am a new member here. i am about to buy a chick of about 2-2.5 moths. i do have the experience of taking care of parrots as i had lutino love birds and an Indian ring neck but love birds were adult and ring neck was 6 months old so i do not have any experience of Hand feeding...
  16. C

    Egg laying bird

    Hi, My alexandrine parrot laid an egg last night (she is the only bird we have). It's the first time she has done this and we've had her for nearly 2 years. I have heard that you should leave the egg in the cage for her, otherwise she might lay more eggs. Is this true? Thanks Cody
  17. xopaula

    Target training my 6 month old Alexandrine

    Hello, I have started target training my baby Coco (unsure of sex), a parent raised Alex and I have a few questions regarding it. She is doing great at it, she follows the target around the cage as well as around the outside of the cage (not flying towards it yet). So for the last few weeks I...
  18. C

    Help needed

    Hi, I’ve had a pet Alexandrine parrot for just under a year now and we have had a good bond. I have been able to pick her up, play with her, clean her cage with no problems. However, we recently just got back from a 3 week holiday, so the bird stayed at a family members place. Since having her...
  19. Bubbyboy

    Seriously considering a Macaw...

    Hi guys, I am a frequent reader of parrot forums and finally decided to make an account today. The reason for this post is that I want opinions on Macaws as I am looking to purchase/Adopt a Blue and Gold macaw. First, I will outline my experience with birds. As of now I only have one (very...
  20. N

    My Alexandrine keeps biting and i'm running out of options

    hello i own an alexandrine the person who got him to me said he is 2-4 yrs old he rescued him but my bird keeps biting my hands when they are near i have tried alot any tips? thanks for reading/answering have a Squak-tastic day!:D