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    My father's macaw passed away tonight due to egg binding. Did the vets give poor advice?

    Hello all. As the title states, my father's Blue and Gold Macaw, Mango, passed away today at the age of around 29 years old due to egg binding. I am writing this thread to ask for opinions on whether or not the veterinarians provided the right advice on how to handle Mango's health. I want to...
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    Orinoco/Pirate and me. This is our first time stepping up!! We were both very happy about it.
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    Blue and Gold Macaw Beak QUESTION

    Dear Forum I am a new macaw owner and also new to this forum. my pleasure to be part of this community I got my Macaw around two weeks ago from his previous owner, The parrot I have is a Blue and Gold Macaw. overall the bird's health is quite good, eating well, playful, sleeping, etc. I feed...
  5. U

    Macaw feeding advice

    Hello there, What should a b&g macaw's feeding routine be like? From youtube I saw pellets and veggies in the morning then fruits and seeds as dinner in the afternoon.... should they have food available at all times? And if so then what kind, pellets, veggies, fruits? And during the night do you...
  6. C

    Post Surgery Alternative to e-collar for B&G Macaw

    Hello, I’m looking for an alternative to an e-collar for my Blue and Gold Macaw who is to have surgery. He’s currently bandaged over his folded wing and will have surgery and be in a bandage for 8 to 12 weeks. He has a stiff plastic flatter type of collar now and is constantly chewing at it...
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    Advice for Unusual Self-Destructive Macaw

    I own a verified male blue and gold macaw named Jessy. I adopted him from a non-profit zoo in south Texas where he has lived since 2013. I worked at that zoo for 2 years from mid 2016 to early 2019. He bonded to me while I was working there and I ended up adopting him before moving to Oklahoma...
  8. M

    Advice for a new macaw owner

    We adopted a blue and gold macaw who we were told was around 55 years old I was told she’s was an outside bird who wasn’t really getting any attention. Her previous owner (a male) wanted her to have a better home so we offered. We got her cage all cleaned up set up with some wood toys got her on...
  9. E

    Macaws In an Apartment? Good or Bad Idea?

    Hi, My name is Ebrahim Mohamedali. It has been a life long dream of mine to own a macaw parrot. However, I am 100% aware of how noisy they can get. So, let me jump straight to it. Have any of you ever owned a macaw in an apartment? Is there any thing I can do to keep the noise levels down...
  10. L

    New diet?

    Hey guys! So from Gilligans old owner, he was on zupreem. She said that he was on it because the vet suggested it for his feathers because even though he has all his feathers, they're not very clean or nice looking. I got a different type of zupreem then the old owner had (simply because I could...
  11. KalieLovesBirds

    Need Advice With my Newly Adopted B&G Macaw

    I have been referencing this forum (which I am very impressed with) for a few weeks now to track down answers I have been seeking but have now come across one that cannot be answered and so officially created an account in order to have my current questions answered. I recently adopted a 15...
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    My new b&g

    Hi everyone. Okay so my name is sydney and i just got my first macaw from my friend who couldn't keep him anymore. His name is Rowdy, he's 24 and hes a sweetheart. As of 7/28/15 this is my 3rd day of having him. I know I'm probably going to get lots of head shaking and disappointed looks but I...
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    About me and my birdie bae!

    Hi! I'm Paige. I'm not that interesting. I'm a girl who plans to lose about a hundred pounds and join the United States Naval Services in 2018. :42: But boy does my bird have a story! He's a fifteen years old Blue and Gold macaw! I got him in 2007 when I was in third of fourth grade, and his...
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    Help please? My Blue and Gold is laying eggs

    I have had a blue and gold for several years, WE bought him from a man who told us it was a boy and we had always assumed he was right. Recently the bird, who is VERY attached to me, started acting very hormonal and was constantly trying to share food with me and getting very frustrated to the...
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    CAG or Macaw

    Okay, so I came to the conclusion of wanting a CAG or B&G. I did extensive research, 3 weeks worth, and I love them both! Of course, I'm going to gain as much bird experience as a can (more birds :) ) then move on into the large birds, have all the requirements so they can have an amazing life...
  16. S

    which macaw?

    The time is getting ever so closer to me finally getting my macaw, i love the breed in general and before research had my heart set on a scarlet macaw. the price puts a hyacinth well out of question so id settled on either B&G or GW. what i wanted to know is my original love of the scarlet's...
  17. D

    Preparing for a new baby...

    We are going to be getting a 5 month old B&G in mid-October. We are sooo super excited, we already have the cage but now begins the long wait. We have had a conure before but this will be our first Large species parrot. The breeder is amazing and even will be beginning flight suit...
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    Hello everyone. My name is Cindy and I am new to the site. I'm a huge bird lover and an owner of an adopted 7 year old blue and gold macaw. I got my bird Ziggy about 2 years ago. He is a good bird, and I hope this site will help me build a greater relationship with him.
  19. R

    Radom question about macaw beak?

    My blue and gold macaw, as well as about every picture i have seen of macaws has white stuff on their beak, I was just wondering what it is?
  20. Flash Outside

    Flash Outside

    flash sitting on the handrail while i cook on the grill, he is either close to me, on me, or following me around the house.