1. M

    Looking for Illiger’s Macaw Breeder

    Having a really hard time finding an active breeder of Illiger’s Macaws that isn’t a scam. Does anyone know of any active breeders?
  2. Twilight's Grace

    I'm new here and looking for a new angel for my flock.

    Greetings everyone, I joined this forum as I am currently looking for a lutino or blue Alexandrine parrot, or a violet/nicely colored Indian Ringneck that is preferably young (~7 months old). I have just lost my baby boy Twilight after 15 years since he was a baby to a hawk who just snatched him...
  3. maribo

    Demanding a refund

    got a bird last month an Indian ringneck he’s four months now, and it’s been a roller coaster with this birdie. Before we took him home The breeder said that he was healthy and he tested negative for psittacos and he was a male. This past month we’ve done so many testing because the vet said he...
  4. R

    ISO reputable Congo African grey breeder

    I’m looking for a CAG breeder with reasonable prices! Please reply to this if you have any suggestions. They must ship since I can’t travel out of state (Pennsylvania). Thank you!
  5. R

    Reputable conure breeders ??

    I’m looking for a reliable conure breeder so I can adopt a turquoise conure this summer. Does anyone have suggestions? Any advice is greatly appreciated! I’m located in Pennsylvania but I can’t drive out of state to adopt a turquoise conure, so if the breeder is out of state, they would need to...
  6. Bobbystick

    New green cheek conure owner (soon to be) - need advices

    Hello everyone, I am currently waiting on a Green cheek conure. He/she is now 1 month old and I'm seeking advice on my initial set-up, or anything else that I need to know. I'll welcome it home in about 2 months. There were green cheeks conures at a pet shop near my place, they didn't offer...
  7. D

    Two conure babies dead

    Hello, My conures had babies and this was not intended. i have never breed birds before. Please no rude comments, this is not a good moment for me. Advise on how to prevent them to breed again? Advise on what did I do wrong? Or what could of have happened? I am so devastated. Only three out of...
  8. T

    Looking for african grey breeder! please help

    Hi everyone !! I am new the community and am looking for a legitimate breeder of African Greys to purchase one that is healthy and safe. I am having a hard time finding legitimate businesses and don't want to get burned. It doesn't matter where they are located, as I will contact them to...
  9. L

    Reputable Breeders in Northern California

    Hi everyone! I am interested in getting a young cockatiel but have been having a hard time finding reputable breeders near me. Any advice? Also, I have found lots of companies that ship the birds to you, but my instincts tell me that these breeders are likely not reputable/that it is...
  10. K

    Seasonal Price Fluctuations?

    Do the price of certain species of parrots (I'm looking at specifically Pionus and Poicephalous) change throughout the year? I remember looking at Senegals for only around 600 last Summer but they're currently selling for over a thousand.
  11. H

    So, then, how DO I find a macaw?

    So. Been a pet lover for many years now, and my family's a pet-loving one as well. Thought for many years about acquiring a bird of my own. Big guy; would prefer a larger bird, which pretty much narrows it down to a macaw. Hyacinthines come well-thought-of, and blue-and-golds as well. Read...
  12. A

    ISO: Miligold Macaw

    Looking for a Miligold Macaw. Preferably a male and under the age of 4. I am a pet home-- I do not breed. Lots of experience. I have been fostering parrots for our local rescue for many years, but am now searching for my first personally-owned Macaw <3 :green2:
  13. H

    Looking for a green cheek conure breeder in North West England

    Hi All, I recently discovered what an amazing pet green cheek conures can be :gcc:, and have been heavily researching it to prepare myself for a new, hopefully lifelong friend. My issue is I've been struggling to find a reliable trustworthy breeder close enough to where I'm based (Bolton...
  14. PenClem

    Friend ISO GW Macaw in TX

    A friend of mine has just started researching GW Macaws and will begin her search for a reputable, responsible breeder at some point next year within theg state of Texas. Any recommendations?
  15. L

    Eclectus Breeders

    Hi, I’m looking to get a male Red Sided Eclectus. I found Jane and Scott pretty parrot aviary in Atlanta Georgia and their website is very detailed and they seem to know a lot and specialize in Eclectus subspecies. I want to put money down to reserve the next baby they have but I want to...
  16. I

    Red Bellied Parrot or Senegal

    Hi all, I'm looking for a female Red Bellied Parrot or a female Senegal. I am looking for a baby, preferably just recently weaned. I am located in Sacramento, CA. If the breeder is in driving distance it would be much preferred. I might also be interested in a young adult, so please don't...
  17. W

    Hello OvO New and looking for bird friends

    Hello there! I regularly browse these forums, however I only recently decided to join. Just now actually, heh. A little about me, I'm a 20 year old artist from Texas, and I've loved animals all my life. I've had many different kinds growing up, and currently have 3 cats, a dog, leopard gecko...
  18. I

    Looking For Blue Fronted Amazon Breeder

    Hello everyone, this is my first time posting on these forums but I have been a long time reader. I am considering buying my first amazon and I have pretty much decided on a blue fronted amazon. I am now doing my research as far as where to purchase my baby. I would want a hand fed baby and I...
  19. S

    In search of a reputable breeder

    I've been online looking for a long time now searching for a reputable breeder. But, every time I feel like I'm getting close to finding one, it's a scam. I currently live in Alaska in the Air Force. So, not too many breeders here for a macaw, none that I've found actually. I'm looking for a...
  20. S

    breeder in norfolk or north norfolk UK

    Hi, i am looking for african grey breeders & parrot breeders in norfolk/ north norfolk UK, can anyone recommend any or point me to any? thanks!!