Looking for a green cheek conure breeder in North West England


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Jan 28, 2019
Bolton, England, UK
Hi All,

I recently discovered what an amazing pet green cheek conures can be :gcc:, and have been heavily researching it to prepare myself for a new, hopefully lifelong friend.

My issue is I've been struggling to find a reliable trustworthy breeder close enough to where I'm based (Bolton, England). I'm aware of the Parrot Society magazine, but thought I'd also see if anyone here can advice?

Looking forward to your replies and becoming a part of this community
Hello and welcome to the community :)

You've found the right place - indeed Green Cheeks :gcc: can make amazing pets. They need proper care and attention, for sure you'll find many valuable resources here - detailed info on the diet, healthcare and behaviour.
Probably UK based users will guide you to trustwothy breeders.
hello Haka, definitely the correct option going for a Green Cheek, being a southerner I'm not too hot on any northern breeders, one to keep an eye on is the Stafford bird show, it seems to have most breeders across the country go there.

Just as some tips to look out for/ask questions about with breeders, Ask if they've been weened onto fruit and veg as it's tricky to teach a seed addict that fruit and veg is food, ask if they have been abundance weened (if hand-fed) and make sure no babies are clipped as their lungs and chest muscles aren't fully developed until they're around 6 months old which they need to fly to develop. Also make sure that whatever you get is fully weaned before you take them home, some breeders try and sell unweaned babies under the guise that they bond better which is a lie and also illegal to sell an unweaned baby. Also get them to agree that if you get them home and they revert to being unweaned (which can sometimes happen) you can take the baby back to be cared for by the breeder until they're ready to come home. Lastly of course make sure you have a Certified avian Vet you can go to before you bring home any baby bird
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Thanks LordTriggs, that's some super useful information. I did speak to a breeder once who fou d the concept of me taking a bird to a vet after buying surprising, which immediately meant red flag for me. Will now keep my eye on what you mentioned as well.

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