1. E

    Cleaning product?

    Whats the best method yall have found to cleaning conure potty messes? Ive been using grapefruit seed extract cut with water but it feels like I need something harsh for the harder messes
  2. Raz

    Cleaning questions+ bad bird habits

    It’s been a while since I’ve made a last post- I’ve got two jenday conures, that only stay in their cage to sleep or when I’m cleaning or when I’m not in the same room as them. ( I don’t want them to get startled or do something harmful for them). But when I put them in the cage to sleep, they...
  3. SoberParrots

    Cage shenanigans and a tired Bird dad - Story Time!

    Today was cage cleaning day for my parakeet… It was quite a hassle!!! - To start off, the air conditioner has been broken for a few days, it’s 85 degrees upstairs and low seventies downstairs. I find that I am quite a chameleon when it comes to this sudden change in temperature and I have...
  4. M

    Cleaner recommendations!

    My Jenday loves to poop right against his cage door (probably because he likes to make my life difficult). The screws and tight areas are very difficult to clean and quickly get caked with bird poop. Any recommendations for those tight areas?:rainbow1:
  5. B

    Home disinfectants for bird room?

    Hello! A few of my budgies are recovering from bacterial infections and to prevent future issues and maybe help speed recovery, I was thinking of moving them to another room for a few days, spraying the bird room (where they spend most of their time in) with disinfectant and letting it air out...
  6. R

    Household Cleaning wipes?

    Hi :) I was just wondering whether anyone knows if household anti- bacterial wipes and baby wipes are safe to use around a bird? They wouldn't be used on toys or the cage but very nearby- in the same room I know sprays and aerosols aren't good but what about wipes? I can post the ingredients...
  7. Z

    Help! Mold

    Let me just get this out of the way: Yes, I know mold is bad. Yes, all of the birds are upstairs in our split level house. No, there is nowhere outside the house for them to go. Ok, so my question is, how do I get rid of mold? I've heard vinegar is okay. Any specific instructions? From anyone...
  8. Ezekiell

    Should I clean a new cage?

    We are finally moving into our new home with only a few more weeks before our Māui gets to come home! I wondering if I need to clean the new cage we bought? Of course I’m going to give it a wipe over with water but is that enough or do I have to give it a proper clean with a vinegar/water mix?
  9. H

    Perch cleaning question

    Harry has been with me 2 1/2 months now. We do daily hand training sessions but we are not beyond having my whole hand just inside a food dish door. He get frantic when I get more invasive with things like removing or installing perches. He has eight perches he uses all the time. I try to...
  10. PipnMe

    DIY cage cleaner??

    Hi all! Does anyone make their own cage cleaner or "poop off" cleaners? If so would you mind sharing your recipes with me? I've read that some people use water, lemon juice, and baking soda, but I'm concerned that the combination of baking soda and lemon juice may damage my cage in the long...
  11. KiwiDaConure97

    Might Have Made An Invention That Will Make Cage Cleaning Easier

    So yesterday I posted my idea about a self automated cleaning cage that dissolves debris and more, some people liked it and some people did not. Me and my group found out that this idea will not be safe for birds and scratched the idea completely, but we came up with something else for bird...
  12. KiwiDaConure97

    Invention For Conures (But Other Birds Too!)

    Hello, so I am in grade 7 and I am doing this thing with my friends in a group called the "invention convention." We needed to come up with an invention that solves a problem, build it, test it and market it. We came up with the idea of a bottom of a bird cage that when the bird throws food or...
  13. reeb

    What is your daily cleaning routine?

    My birds and I have a new YouTube channel! I recently uploaded a time-lapse of our daily cleaning routine (watch below). I'm curious to know how others go about cleaning cages, playgyms/stands, aviaries... anything bird related! Daily cleaning...
  14. S

    7 birds & It's out of control

    So I joined this site because I'm determined to do something about my mother-in-law's (I'll just call her mom) birds. She has 7 birds: 5 green-cheeked conures (The oldest is Snaps, his mate is Shy, and their three kids, the only one I remember the name of is Shadow), one sunny conure (Oscar)...
  15. B

    My beloved Harry and I

    Hello Everyone, I am new here, and I have been impressed with the knowledge people share. The love of my life didn't turn out to be a man. It turned out to be my parrot Harry. I have had him 22 years. I saved him from this awful pet shop. I am 58 years old, disabled, and alone now. But I live...
  16. Billdore

    Just Brought Home Timneh the Timneh Cleaning cage

    Timneh Just came home and as you can guess shes a beautiful african grey. Now that shes home cleaning the cage seems daunting. I dont want to use anything that can hurt her but I wan to disinfect everything. Got a gallon of Poop off on the way from amazon. What is everyone method for...
  17. C

    roaches roaches everywhere

    Hi! I have a wonderful, spunky little green cheek conure called Ellie. I never thought I would be able to bond with a bird again after I lost my childhood sun conure, but Ellie takes such good care of me. I recently moved in with my boyfriend who lives in the city. Ellie moved with me and...
  18. N

    Cleaning poop off of wood perches?

    Doing my weekly cleaning of Linus's cage, I found a spot with overlapping perches and I hadn't noticed he has been pooping all over the lower perches. How can I clean this so that it is all removed and sanitary?
  19. happycat

    Teflon, Candles Etc.

    I know Teflon is bad, (and Im pretty sure we dont have any anyway) but ive also heard candles, perfume and most other smelling cleaning things and stuff are bad for birds. Is that true? Because we use candles and perfume a lot. I was wondering if its true that all those are bad and if they are...
  20. D

    New to parrots!

    Hi all, I am new to owning a parrot. My partner has in the past but we just got an African Grey. He is two years old and a chatty little thing. We were told he would be shy but so far he's pretty outgoing with us. We are yet to introduce him to anyone else. I have 5 dogs too and 2 cats and have...