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Oct 11, 2023
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Thanks in advanced to anyone who may read this and offer help.

A while ago I made a post about a troublesome conure and recieved a lot of good advice (https://www.parrotforums.com/threads/help-with-a-rescue-conure.100763/). Since then there has been some progress but also another hurdle.

We have another conure, not a responsible or smart thing to have done but its too late for that. It's a hand raised conure named Olive who is beautifully affectionate and a saint in comparison to our problem conure Pickle. We hoped he would help quiet Pickle down, which he did, and we wanted to put them in the same cage, not immediatly but eventually. In their own cages they seem to love eachother, the sleep near eachother, constantly chatter back and forth, and will flock call the moment either of them cannot see the other. If they don't wake up with their cages side by side the flock calls and screeches will start as soon as they wake up.

When they can touch eachother is another story. We have had one out one in cage and both out of cage. The moment they aren't distracted by food or Olive gets onto Pickles cage it's fighting time. Growl like screeches, wings flapping against their sides, all puffed up and they bite and bite and bite at eachothers beaks. If one of them is caged, they will climb all over the cages and go for toes, which starts the fighting anew. Pickle seems less interested in messing with Olive when Olive is caged and he isnt, but the contrast between their caged behaviour and uncaged is night and day. Is this common for new birds? and most importantly does anyone else have any more advice on how to handle the situation. We know there is a chance they will never get along but want to try before coming to that conclusion.

Thank you very much in advanced.

Other info
- Neither bird is sexed
- Olive is about 4-5 months old and we have no idea with Pickle


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You are getting first hand experience with what can happen when you add new members to a flock. Sorry, I don't, but from reading many threads on this very topic, there is not much you will ever do to remedy this. You cant MAKE a parrot like another one.

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