1. threat2society

    Odd feather.

    I was helping my 8 month old CAG with her pin feathers and i noticed some feathers that are almost out, but they look weird. Is it normal for them to look like this? they only look like this on her lower neck and back, right below her beak - the feathers look healthy and fine.
  2. F

    Gray spot on the wing

    it was there over two months on the two wings, What is the cause of it?
  3. R

    Is this pineapple conure ok?

    I just bought this pineapple conure from an online store, to me it looks like, there is some issue with this individual, his feather colours are way too dull, he is eating normally, and seems to behave normally. I'm planning to include multivitamin in his diet, to see if he improves. Please...
  4. D

    GCC feather problems

    Hi everyone, My GCC was hurt by my cat a couple of months back and had fully recovered. The vet had to pull some feathers off its chest to clean the wound and that made my bird regrow a lot of its feathers. Now that all her feathers are grown, she is not cleaning them as shown in the pictures...
  5. A

    Bloody feather?

    Bloody feather or dirty feather?
  6. Oli

    Feather question? Black part on feather shaft.

    Hello all, long time no post. Juliet (pineapple green cheek) and I are doing well. She just celebrated her 6th hatchday recently and we are very close. I understand her very well now and pretty much all severe biting and behavioral problems have subsided with age. She recently had a yearly...
  7. A

    Help with feathers!

    Hi all! I'm looking into adopting this eclectus. It is obvious that he needs a beak trim. Besides that, I'm looking for help as far as his feathers. Right now he is on seeds and pellets, but will be switched to fresh veggies and some fruit when I get him. Is there any hope of getting his...
  8. L

    COCKATIEL HELP needed! Red swelling on his head

    Good day everyone, I‘m new to this forum and I‘m seeking your help because I‘m unsure of what to do. My cockatiel Tweety is seemingly fine, but there is a red swelling on the bald spot of his head. When I look into it, it looks more like an inverted feather that is trying to break free... but...
  9. C

    New Parrot Owner that needs help!!

    Hello everyone! I’m Esmeralda and I have been a parrot owner for the pass month. I have attached a pic of her chewing my sweatshirt’s cord. When I first got her she had very few feathers and I thought that she would stop the habit of taking off her feathers but she still remains featherless on...
  10. J

    Feathers pulled out but with blood?

    Hello! My blue front is just over 4 years old and is experiencing a moult (I’m assuming!) and today I walked into his room, and found a feather on the floor with blood on it. Now first thing I did was panic. But there was no blood on my blue front and I couldn’t see where the feather came...
  11. D

    4 month old ringneck

    My 4 month old ringneck has lost his tail feathers only, but i have not seen any regrowth. Is it because he is young and the regrowth is taking longer then usual. He didn't lose all the tail feathers at once
  12. M

    Mr. Manu and his weird feather

    Aloha all, I'm a mommy of a 1 year old feisty green cheek. We've had him for a year now and hes happy and healthy. I've noticed today he has a flight feather that is grey and appears to be falling out. Hes getting new feathers around his neck, so I'm unsure If this is normal since I've never...
  13. P

    Clipped feathers

    Hi guys, I am concerned about one of my teil, named Jazzy. She is not able fly, but can glide within room. She is with me for 3 months. I noticed some of her flight feathers are clipped and have not grown in 3months. Does it take that much time? She eats mostly seed.
  14. M

    Broken tail feather- what to do with it?

    Hi! My 9mnth old Alexandrine has a broken tail feather that is just hanging. The break is about 5 cm from where the feather begins. She is currently going through a molt. There is no blood and she is behaving fine. Should I cut it or is the reccomendation to leave it. She has already started...
  15. I

    Question on DNA sexing by mail

    Hey there ! I recently discovered you can sex a parrot by mail and pay $20 instead of the $100 at the vet's office. I got very excited and wanted to know what Kermit was... not only for my own curiosity (i.e. he will be a Kermi if a female XD), but in case he's a female, I'd like to be aware...
  16. J

    I got a Conure! Questions.....

    Hello everyone! I recently adopted a green cheek conure yesterday at a family-owned bird shop (teamed with with a adoption center) for around $200. The previous owner dropped it off with a cockatiel and did not explain the reason why she was giving it up. The conure was very friendly at the...
  17. M

    Alexandrine Parrot first molt?

    Alexandrine Young Parrot losing feathers Hi, I have 2 beautiful Alexandrines. The youngest, who is about 4 and a half months now is going through her first moult (we think) She is looking like she is missing many feathers around her head and neck and is sensitive to touch. I can see new...
  18. S

    Weird tiel crest?

    So today I took my cockatiel out and I noticed he has some weird little Alfalfa action going on with his crest. :grey: Also I noticed on the first day I took him out ( about a week ago) his crest feathers are dotted with the same stuff on his " Alfalfa hair" Is it just a new feather growing? He...
  19. Anniele27

    Help! 7 m/o congo lost wing feather!

    I have a 7 month old female congo african grey parrot named Ava. i got her about 3 months ago from a breeder. When i got her, her wings were already clipped, 5 feathers on each side because they said they did 3 at first and she still flew too well. on top of her cage is a big orb hung from the...
  20. S

    need help macaw feather/sheath

    so i can see lola is molting and lots of new sheaths coming through on her head and back. i noticed one of the larger feathers on her back was coming through kind of split so ive located the sheath which is breaking away nicely round the outside but it seems that there is something hard on the...