1. M

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :(

    Concerned my CAG has started plucking :( Advice please. My CAG Zelda is just over 2 years old. Always very happy and active. I make sure she has lots of out-of-cage time and plenty of interaction, and when she is in her cage she has a variety of toys for chewing and foraging. I also give...
  2. K

    how can i tell which pin feathers are ok?

    so my grey is a single parrot, and he depends on me to hold very still while i scratch his head and check for pin feathers. the problem is that he also very twitchy and its hard for me to get a good look at his head. even then becuase he is a gray bird its hard for me to pinpoint which...
  3. R

    Looking for feather photos

    Hi there folks, I'm making a card game about Aesop's vain crow/jackdaw - gathering all types of feathers and dressing himself up. I have found heaps of pictures of peacock feathers, pheasant feathers... now am trying to do other suits of cards, particularly macaw and Eclectus parrot. Next I will...
  4. B

    GCC plucking, overpreening, or off-season molting?

    I am "boarding" GCC Kona for a few months while her owner is abroad. She has been losing feathers since (and before) she arrived with me, even though it's not time for her usual molt according to her owner. She was with someone else for ~3 weeks before coming to me, and that person really...
  5. A

    African grey feather problem :(

    My African grey has been over preening and I find a lot of down like feathers on the floor (not big ones). Her feathers look droopy and she’s constantly itching herself and looks uncomfortable when itching. I think she may have mites as the vet said that she’s completely healthy. I doubt it’s a...
  6. A

    African grey feathers (need help)

    My African grey after laying a couple eggs in a four month period started having bald patches under her wings and her wings look a lot more tattered. I also noticed she doesn’t pick her feathers but rather preens and tatters them. She has pin feathers coming under her wings in slight bald...
  7. C

    Plucking or losing feathers?

    I have a cag that is 35 yrs old. In the last year h started to get some tiny red feathers on different places on his body. Now, in the last month or so he is getting bald spots. I haven't seen him plucking so not sure why this is happening. Would love any i sight to why this is hppening...
  8. E

    Bald under wings

    I have a 9 year old rosella that has pretty big bald patches under both his wings, he's been to the vet for multiple tests including beak and feather disease, mites and liver disease but all came back clear. My vet doesn't seem to think it's caused by plucking because there's no irritation, and...
  9. dhraiden

    UnRuffledRx Feathered Up - how to entice to be eaten on dry foods?

    Earlier tonight my GCC Mochi got more than the usual errant white underfluff feather lunging (she's nesty/hormonal/the dominant one) at Mango my Gold Capped while they were roaming around the couch as we all sat watching TV; she plucked out about eight feathers or so, all from around his left...
  10. A

    Black shades seen on the head of my baby Alex

    Hi All, I have a 3 month old baby Alexandrine - Coco. I recently noticed the feather on his head seems to have some black shades and its prominent. I have attached an image too. We are under extremely strict lockdown due to Corona. Any one who could put some light here would be really healful...
  11. M

    15 week old loosing feathers

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and have owned birds in the past including IRN. I have never had a bird from a baby. My little bird is called Jelly and she is currently 15 weeks old (from hatching) My worry is she (or he) scratches alot and is starting the get little white fluffy patches...
  12. W


    I have two green cheek conures with the same set up but only one has healthy looking feathers. Is it over preening, dry skin, or diet?
  13. S

    Question re. white feathers

    I have a black headed caique, around 7 months now. All is great, eats healthy, plays all day and has bonded very well with me and the family :) I have a question however as regards the white feathers on his chest as his are still quite yellow/ grey. Is it normal for this age? He eats a pellet...
  14. Mooka

    Feather 'barbering'? On another bird?

    Hi everyone! I'm new here (sorry if this post seem repetitive, I haven't really seen a post talking about it happening to another bird?) But I have two green cheeks, Kiwi and Chai In November last year I found out the Chai had been ripping Kiwi's back feathers, not pulling them out, just...
  15. J

    URGENT: Free Black Capped Conure

    Hey All, I am a new member on this forum and specifically made this account to offer someone a free black capped conure. I own two green cheeked conures and have been recently visiting my neighborhood Petco in Scarsdale , NY (near Yonkers,NY). There I have seen a black capped conure on sale for...
  16. G

    Help needed! parrot feather bronzing or wear and tear ?

    Hello All! This is Lily, she's 5 and I had her since she was 10 weeks old. Her diet consists of Harrisons lifetime Fine pellets ( tried coarse, she doesn't like it) fresh Carrots, Peppers, Broccoli, and cauliflower every day she gets 3 Harrisons power threat per day as indicated on the...
  17. S

    Feather transplant

    Hi all, Posted a couple of times on the forum since picking my boy Fergus up a month or so ago. Breeder gave him a brutal single wing clip and its been fun and games since. Travelled to a specialist avian vet today to try and sort things and he gave Fergus a feather transplant! The vet was...
  18. S

    Conure biting out of curiosity?

    I just got my little Nico (Green Cheek Conure) yesterday and he's quite the rascal! I've just got a couple of questions. Nico is super active some of the time (flipping upside down, bobbing his head up and down, walking around) but spends a substantial amount of time with his feathers...
  19. L

    Pearly conure?

    My conure Link is over 2 years old now but it looks like his chest feathers are now turning red. Is that normal for a pearly conure? I hope the attachments work, if not here’s a imgur link! https://imgur.com/a/aeK27 Thanks guys! :green2:
  20. A

    New African Grey

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here, so please excuse me if I ask stupid questions, I got my African Grey 3 days ago and I am overly excited :). There are some things that got me worried already. So some introduction. I am a software engineer from Bulgaria and I was dreaming of having an...