Opinions on female budgies?


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May 5, 2016
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I've recently been looking into getting another budgie. I visited the petstore and played with the hand-fed babies. And one female budgie was super friendly, she'd hop up to any hand that was within six inches of her! I've been rethinking some of the stereotypes I've associated with females. I've only owned one female, so I'm not sure if what I'm taking for fact was more an individual thing.

Males tend to be more skittish but less aggressive. They are more likely to sing/talk/make pretty sounds. Don't tend to hold grudges as much either. Might be a bit of a bully to other males, but it's all harmless playfighting.

Females are more aggressive and "bold". Even the untamed ones don't seem afraid... they just don't want to be touched. They can bite much harder than a male too. Also seem more prone to "burrowing" or hiding under things.
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My favorite bird I've ever had was a female budgie. She was such a jerk, don't get me wrong. If I looked at her sideways, she bit me in the worst loose skin places. She bossed my boys around like she was a big bird. But she was also the funniest, smartest bird I've ever come across. She was pretty loud for a budgie and would make R2D2s whistle (the one that sounds like 'are you ok?' whenever I walked out of her sight. She used to chase me around apartment, literally chase me... on her feet... running from room to room. And then when I turned around she would run under the couch or bed or whatever... And then she would make the R2D2 noise until I got down on the floor and put my hand out and she would run and jump on it. She loved to preen my hair and whisper in my ear.
I loved that bird. She passed away due to crop impaction and I bawled like a baby.
Anyway, don't discount the females. They're awesome in their own way.

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Haha wow I really am rethinking them! I have always thought the females were smarter xD The one female I had was not a very nice birdie and only interacted with her mate... until she attacked him ;c Most of it was my fault though. I was young and put her under a lot of stress.
I mean... honestly... again I say she was a jerk and she bit whenever things slightly displeased her... But she was brilliant and hilarious and frankly... I'm kind of a jerk but brilliant and hilarious so .. there's that lol

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LOL yes I do remember my one female bit and drew blood. My dad used hot sauce to discourage her and that worked for... a day... then she'd go right back to it XD; I guess females teach you how to be very in tune with reading their body language.

Haha well they say pets are a reflection of their owners XD
For me , I love my male birds. The females are really sweet and a bit more quite. The males are fun and full of spunk. They can be loud but there is never a dull moment. I have had a lot of parakeets over the 33 years of my life and the males just make me laugh. My female now is SO SO Sweet very gentle but not as entertaining as our little boy. She is also kind of lazy too.
Female budgies can make great little companions or pets. There are many (both) male and female budgies out there who don't fit the stereotypes.

Were you thinking about getting a budgie, but were hesitant because the one you liked was a female?
With hand tamed ones, I haven't had any trouble with either sex. I find them to be equally to be the same. But I had a lot of them at one point since I used to raise them.

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