flighted birds

  1. T

    BBQ, Cookware, and a flight tent??

    Hi - I promise I am not grilling my bird!! I'm excited as I found two parrots who need rehoming, a Senegal (2, M) and Eclectus (4, M). I am only able to take one of them home at this time, and I'm meeting both current owners to see if the personalities mesh well with my own! All goes well...
  2. Rico_Tiel

    the difference clipping can make on a bird.

    when I got my bird, the pet store had him clipped as most do. he was quiet, sad, uninterested in toys, unwilling to try or do anything, ate way less than he does now, chewed and barbered feathers, over preened them, plucked them out mildly (around the wrist area on the wing, near his crop, and...
  3. millet

    My 3 months old ringneck isn't interested in any kind of interaction.

    When i got my male ringneck around 2 weeks ago, he was wild, and afraid of everyone. Now 2 weeks later, he steps up, flies to me, takes treats from my hand, and he is also target trained. But he doesn't care about any form of interaction. He isn't afraid of my hand anymore, but when my fingers...
  4. Ezekiell

    Door safety with flighted bird

    Māui took his very first purposeful ‘little flight’ yesterday off the 3rd staircase step to try to get to me. He has grown in one new flight feather in the middle of the wing, so this is helping give him a bit more lift with his old ratty 1st and 2nd flights. I’m so excited but also now...
  5. Ezekiell

    How long to wait for a molt?

    Māui (finally) came home yesterday and had his first vet check today. The vet commented on his show clip; this was done by the breeder, he only has 2 flights either side and they're kinda ratty because he doesn't really take care of them since they don’t help him fluttering down from a height...
  6. PenClem

    Weaning babies and wing-clipping questions for the masses

    Howdy everyone! I was reading through some threads the other day and kind of got lost in them for awhile. Now I can't recall where I read this, but saw that folks in the Netherlands are considered to have vastly superior practices with regard to weaning baby birds than, say, Americans and their...
  7. veimar

    Do yours fly that much too?

    All 4 of my 5 bird flock just had their first molts and are fully flighted. (I had to clip the new cockatiel - he is the only one who doesn't fly FAST) :D Anyway - during the cage-free time (most of the day) my house started to resemble a jungle with screaming wild bird flocks rushing above and...