Baby Conure Bobbing Head?


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Nov 9, 2012
Mr. Pickles: Green Cheek Conure/Sun Conure Hybrid
Well, he isn't really a baby. He was hatched September 23, 2012. He is a green cheek conure and sun conure hybrid( I know it's unusual but it was a mistake by the breeder). He bobs his head ALL THE TIME! Alot of the time it is while he is eating, playing or while im holding him. Any ideas? Here is a link with pics of him if your interested haha.:green2:

Flickr: MrPicklesIsMyBaby's Photostream
My sun bobs his head when he's excited or angry... as long as he's not shaking his head left to right and mucus isn't covering his head..

But just to be safe, i'd have him looked at.. does he wheeze when he breathes?? I don't mean the sound like growling.. my sun also does that.. he's trying to talk so when my wife talks to him, he

It's probably just him showing excitement... .

For instance, when I hold my scarlet, my sun will bob his head and try to attack the scarlet... poor little guy doesn't realize he's put of his league..:)
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Is it a fast bob like he's trying to dance? Or is it a slow one? Being he's young he may be trying to ask for food(formula). My Charlie does that when he's hungry.
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It is a very fast bob. Looks like hes choking or something( obviously not iy or he would not have been living by now)
Sounds like he's trying to regurgitate..

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