1. L

    COCKATIEL HELP needed! Red swelling on his head

    Good day everyone, I‘m new to this forum and I‘m seeking your help because I‘m unsure of what to do. My cockatiel Tweety is seemingly fine, but there is a red swelling on the bald spot of his head. When I look into it, it looks more like an inverted feather that is trying to break free... but...
  2. R

    Looking for feather photos

    Hi there folks, I'm making a card game about Aesop's vain crow/jackdaw - gathering all types of feathers and dressing himself up. I have found heaps of pictures of peacock feathers, pheasant feathers... now am trying to do other suits of cards, particularly macaw and Eclectus parrot. Next I will...
  3. Happy Spot

    Happy Spot

    She hates my fingers/hands. So she is comfy on my head or shoulders.
  4. G

    Twisted neck (head down) sick lovebird

    Good day everyone I would like to reach out to the community concerning one of my five baby lovebird. It is 5 weeks old. Up to two days ago, it was growing fine with its four sibblings. But now, its neck is completely twisted and it keeps its head down sideways. Any ideas what is going on and...
  5. Uglow


    My wife let me know our parrot flew into the window pretty hard this afternoon. He was stunned at first, but let her pick him up. He wouldn't leave her shoulder for about 2 hours, had trouble swallowing water initially, and his footing was off (he seemed very clumsy and off-balance). He was very...
  6. S

    Tiel won't get off!

    So my tiel isn't totally tamed, though he will eat out of hands, out of fingers, and will step up on a stick when told to, usually. He also is totally comfortable walking around you out of his cage, and he hates when I'm not in the room with him. But theres one thing he does to any human once...
  7. Lucky123

    Foot on head

    Hello everyone.. I am new to this forum, but a second time lovebird owner. I just got my new lovebird, Lucky, who is around 6-7 months old. She loves to cuddle more than anything and loves to be all wrapped up in a blanket. I'm guessing this is because she is so young? She has moments where...