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  1. B

    Deslorelin Implant Help

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and desperate. I have a two year old cockatiel named Pietri who I love dearly. I have been dealing with her being a chronic egg layer and an extremely hormonal female tiel. I am currently going to a CAV near my home who has been aiding me in treating her...
  2. S

    Budgies and kitten

    I am getting a kitten next week, and I already have two budgies. The budgies are in their cage most of the day downstairs in the living room, the living room doesn't have a door, it's very open. When I let them out for exercise, we go upstairs in my room, because the living room has too many...
  3. R

    Budgie Is Bleeding

    Budgie is Hurt Please Help! Hi, It’s been awhile since I’ve used the forums so I’m not sure if I’m using it right again but I’m not really sure what to do. I took my two budgies to the bird store I got them from to get their nails trimmed. Usually the owner does the grooming and it goes well...
  4. M

    My Eclectus are driving me crazy, please help!

    Hi everybody I'm new here and joined in a very desperate state. I live in a house with 2 cats and 1 African Grey and a pair of Eclectus. My pair of Eclectus is now 1.8 years old. And I've had them for almost 1 year and 4 months. Having raised a baby African Grey, I was very patient in my...
  5. A

    Should I get a conure?

    Hi everybody! I’m a new member (or, well, a person who’s been lurking for the past year or so), and I’m hoping to get a parrot as an emotional support animal. However, I’m really afraid I won’t be a good parront. I’m a first time bird owner and a college student, so there are a lot of concerns I...
  6. R

    I don't know what to do.

    I recently got a green cheek conure thinking I can raise a happy bird and finally own one as I have been wanting too for years. I had a plan and did research and suddenly my work shifts changed without warning. So now I can barely be home to be near her and I don't think she would be happy...
  7. P

    Tips on switching cages for a nervous birdie

    My nanday conure, Mort, is very attached to her cage. Some days she won't want to leave it, and the top removes, so if we want her to interact with us in another room we need to tote the top along with us. (Might also partially be because shes not a fan of being handled/ hands/ sometimes even...
  8. Peaches_The_Sun_Conure


    Concerned Bird mama!! I'm a tad new to owning a bird, so excuse my unnecessary fear. So recently when me and Peachy (my bird) were hanging out, I noticed a little bald spot right in the center of her chest. I can see her skin if i move the downy feathers a tad. She's just finishing up her...
  9. N

    Baby Conure Noises

    Hey y'all, I have had my first conure for a month or so now, she's a little baby (4 months old) so she's still discovering her voice and volume levels. One noise, however, I'm a little worried about. It's like a vibrating squeaky chirp (video attached, it's quiet so have volume up) YouTube...
  10. S

    please help my dove

    Hello everyone!! Ill try to keep this short. So I have a albino ring neck dove. I've had her for about a year now no issues at all. She is living with 2 other birds , a male cockatiel :grey:about 1 year old and a male Green Cheek Conure:green2: about 5 years old. Everything was fine until one...
  11. P

    Looking for new cage suggestions- Nandy Conure

    Hi all! I'm looking to get a bit of a bigger/ more fitting cage for my Nanday Conure. I don't really know what would be best, I've been looking at sizes online but I'd like to hear some personal thoughts from other bird and conure owners, and what kinds you guys like. My current cage is...
  12. P

    Nanday conure humping? Maybe?

    My Nanday Mort has started rubbing her bum on everything (humping, I guess). Her toys, perches, food bowl... Everything. Is this something I should stop, or be concerned with? I usually try to distract her, but she has started doing it more and more. Any advice is helpful, I'm a newbie! :green2:
  13. Jedig

    Non-toxic bird cages

    I had noticed that my lovebird has been urinating frequently and in big amounts. I took him to the vet a few days ago and they took x-rays which showed that he has small pieces of metal inside his body. I was absolutely shocked and devastated at the same time. He is currently at the vet...
  14. Billdore

    Brand Spanking New

    I've been thinking about making a new addition to the family. I'm just now seriously researching which type of parrot would fit for me. I'm home a lot and have a lot of space. Money is an issue so I wondered what the monthly fees and vet bills look like. I would like to offer premium care so...
  15. H

    Help! Tips when considering a conure?

    So I've been thinking about getting a green cheek for about 2 months now and I've done lots of research. I have 3 calm, small dogs, and I've had many pets before. What are the ups and downs of owning a green cheek? Do you think they're a good choice for first time bird owners? Thanks!:D
  16. A

    I have always wanted a conure, but I have some questions.

    Hello, my name is Mikayla and Im a bit of a bird nerd. I've just gotten my first real job and can finally save to adopt a feather baby! I have done gratuitous amounts of research and know that I myself am ready, but I'm not sure my situation is. So I figured I'd ask experienced conure owners to...
  17. Annaa

    Is my sun conure sick?

    I recently bought a sun conure from a private breeder. Tutti, my sun conure, is 3 months old so the seller gave me the baby food that I mix with warm water. But ever since I bought Tutti, he's been sneezing. I've had him for 5 days, and he sneezes on a daily basis, a few times in the morning...
  18. A

    Help Help Help Alexandrine Issues

    Hey Guys - I have an Alex and he is 3 on Saturday 18/7/15. He has just started this new thing where he will regurgitate on 2 of his perches/ toys. He will get caught up in what he is doing and will do it for what feels like forever... But when I catch him I distract him and get him away from it...
  19. Luffbox

    How can I make my senior lutino comfortable?

    I've had my baby girl for roughly 7 years. She is an estimated twenty years old. I rescued her from a negligent owner that caused her permanent liver damage, arthritis and partial blindness. I've done all I can for her health wise, but she has gotten to the point that anymore car rides are out...
  20. S

    Plz help me My jenday conure eating less

    its almost 15 days i am noticing that my female jenday conure has been eating less but she is active playful drinking water well so why she is eating less ?? is it because of cold weather??