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  1. D

    The best Lorikeet diet

    I just took my bird (a black lory) to the vet and he said that an all nectar powder diet is actually not very healthy for them because of the high sugar and they don’t get as much exercise in captivity as they do in the wild. I’ve been feeding her Blessings Lory Nectar since I got her 4 years...
  2. Pomegranate seeds

    Pomegranate seeds

    E.B loves fruit. The ones he doesn’t like so far are blue berries and cherries. He’s not very interest in vegetables either but gets them everyday anyways
  3. Fresh air

    Fresh air

    Snacking on some moringa flowers
  4. Snacks


    E.B snacking on some pansies
  5. Roses


    E.B enjoying a rose
  6. Zainabals


    Hey everyone, Our Lorikeet E.B is about 4 months old now fully weened and fully feathered. but he never bathes 😂 He has a big deep water dish and I never see him interested in the water not even to drink. (He eats plenty of nectar- fruit-vegetables) When do birds start to bathe? Should I...
  7. Silly


  8. Play time

    Play time

    E.B is super playful and sometimes get’s nippy when hi plays. He doesn’t bite too hard though
  9. First shower

    First shower

    E.B’s first shower
  10. Stretches


  11. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D

    E.B getting some sunshine and fresh air
  12. Sleepy scratches

    Sleepy scratches

  13. Zainabals

    Best way to train lorikeets

    Hello everyone, So I am a new owner of juvenile lorikeet named E.B. He has been with us for about 3-4 weeks now. He is super playful and we all adore him. My question is what is the best way to reward for good behaviors when training them? Because he all ready eats fruit throughout the day...
  14. Zainabals

    How old do you think my Lorikeet is?

    Hey everyone, So I was wondering does the beak color give any idea how old a lorikeet might be? I mean the shop owner mentioned he was about 11 weeks old but I saw other members with lorikeets that age and their beaks look more orange. We’ve had our lori for about 3 weeks now , more orange...
  15. RingneckRave

    Bird pictures from botanical gardens

    Photo dump! Here are a bunch of pictures I took at Wagga Wagga botanical gardens NSW one time, can't remember when. It's so cool there, I suggest pop in if any of you Australians cross in through there, they have many birds. There was a female rainbow lorikeet, and I kept seeing different...
  16. kyladoodle

    Help! She laid an egg….

    Hey everybody. Miss Gizmo suprised me a couple of days ago with a small egg at the bottom of her cage. She appears to have a bit of egg butt going on - but still her usual self, being noisy, happy, eating and drinking which is great. I’m a little stressed though as I know female lories are prone...
  17. kyladoodle

    Hi everyone:)

    Hi everybody- i’m Kyla from NZ. Crazy about parrots - I had a lovebird named Tangelo that unfortunately got sick and passed Dec 2022. I have since adopted an 8year old Rainbow Lorikeet by the name of Gizmo - loving Tangelo and learning from him enabled me to be a savior for this lori, as she...
  18. I

    so... vetafarm...

    listen, i know we really dislike vetafarm here ESPECIALLY for ekkies, BUT how do we feel about occasionally giving an ekkie some of this: Vetafarm Forest Fusion Lorikeet "Formulated by veterinarians and made with fresh Australian ingredients, Vetafarm’s Forest Fusion Lorikeet diet has been...
  19. B

    Lorikeet First Molt

    My baby rainbow lorikeet (4months) is going through his first molt, he is extremely irritated, doesn’t want to play and bites very painfully (he has never done so before this). Very alert and crabby at anything that moves. He use to love his spray baths bit now he is just angry at everything. He...
  20. A

    Lorikeet siblings feeding each other??

    Hi all, i’ve had one of my lories for about 10 months and have recently adopted her brother who is the same age as her. i’ve noticed that they occasionally seem to be doing what looks like feeding each other. i’ve never owned more than one lorikeet before so i don’t know why this is, is it...