Lovebird issues, advice dearly requested


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Feb 11, 2021
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Two Love Birds
Hi all,
Thanks for welcoming us to the community!
My daughter has Lovebirds and from the last clutch took the two eldest at 7 weeks. All was wonderful for about 2 weeks, both seem to love her, cuddle her, let her feed them, etc. Also happy to interact with others, though my daughter was definitely their favourite. Then 3 days ago the younger one (who I have now re-named McBitey!) starts biting, when you try and pick him/her up! Or go anywhere near the sibling, or spots that they like to perch on. Firstly there was a wall light they both liked, and this was where the first sign of aggression came from if you tried to remove McBitey. So we put McBitey in the cage for a while and that seemed to work, but now McBitey bites you if you put your hand in the cage, touch the sibling, go anywhere near. My daughter for the first day and a bit was able to interact with McBitey and he/she wouldn't bite her, but now everyone is being bitten. The sibling (Bubba) is fine at this stage and happy to be held and sit on your shoulder etc, but McBitey is making this increasingly difficult as my daughter can't really get Bubba without being attacked. Is this just a stage? Please help, my daughter is devastated. Thank you.


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Aug 29, 2018
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Hi Buzz! Welcome to the forums :) It sounds like you have quite the little velociraptor on your hands there with McBitey! Sometimes it's the littlest birds who have the biggest baddest attitudes, like my tiny Lilly, aka The Worst Bird In The World!! I'm sorry I don't have any particular advice for you, not being familiar with the species myself, but just wanted to welcome you and yours aboard. We love photos around here too.....

Hopefully some of our lovebird lovers will be along shortly with some constructive advice for you and your daughter. I can well imagine how upset she is by all this but please tell her not to lose hope. Thank you so much for joining :)


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Jul 10, 2015
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As noted above, neither am I an expert with behaviors of Lovebirds.

What I do know is that Birds /Parrots have individual personalities and are different from each other. What I do know is that a sizable number of Parrots do not enjoy being petted or likewise handled.

A Trust Bond is very important and without such in place, this kind of behavior tends to be far more common. It is not uncommon for a Parrot to become protective of its area, and friend (nest mate). Redeveloping a relation is likely needed, one that does not include 'petting.' Birds /Parrots are not commonly cuddle toys and just because it did, does not mean it's forever.

Remember, Birds /Parrots are prey and have a near hardwired negative response to hands in general (can look like a snake). Add, a 'stronger' protection response and bitting can and does happen.


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Aug 21, 2010
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