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May 30, 2013
My green cheek conure was diagnosed with an excess amount of yeast caused by the stress of moving houses and prescribed an anti fungal. I tried to administer the medication this morning and the bird went nuts, barely swallowing the medicine and leaving me so upset. Is it ok to mix the medicine with a little bit of juice and llet him drink it that way in order to cut down on stress which caused the ordeal and to keep my baby from hating me?
Best to check with the vet to make sure it can be given with food/drink.
If vet says OK then yes, I gave my amazon a piece of toast(small) with med soaked in and palm oil to cover taste. You can use anything that you know your baby will eat/drink all of so they get the full dose!! I heard of juice/yogurt/bread etc...
Most birds are not good medication takers.....when it tastes bad, they normally don't want anything to do with it.....

Even mixing it with juice (more juice & less meds) you may have to dropper feed it.....a few drops at a careful to use a plastic or stainless dropper, to prevent an angry bird from crushing a glass dropper.....

Welcome to the forum.....Good luck
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I got home and my bird still seems mad at me. I've worked so hard at creating trust and am very afraid this whole ordeal will ruin it.
Birds can hold grudges, but health must come first.
Try the food trick if the vet approves.
You could potentially have a dead bird if you don't get the meds in him. Harsh but true, so lets get over the fear of the grudge and get on with it. You can make friends again later.

When we've had tricky med takers, we fill one syringe with yummy, irrisistable food and one syringe with the meds and swap them out mid feeds so they get all their meds (bit by bit) but they keep coming back for the yummy food.

OR. With Bruce, we simply had to hold on to him (hands holding his wings to his side, with his head between my index and middle finger) and put the syringe in his mouth, but make sure it's on the LEFT side of his mouth and start pushing slowly on the syringe. You don't want to blast it all on his mouth, but make sure he's lapping it up. You just hold him and his head in position and go.

Might be easier with two people and you might get bit a lot, but it's fast, 'easy' and you make sure he gets his meds.

Depending on which pet needs what, we take different approaches. With our buns we put their meds on their paw if they wont take it and they'll clean themselves up. (If it's not too liquidy) which obviously isn't possible with a fid.

Good luck, please ask for more help if you're still not able to get the meds in him. I know it can be frustrating. Our bunny who recently passed away refused outright on so many meds and it was so stressful, so I really do know your pain with is. Please just ask and we'll see if there's any way we can help you get around it.

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