meloxicam and baytril for lovebird


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Apr 15, 2020
My Vet has prescribed 1ml of baytril and 11/4 ml of meloxicam daily for my sick bird. Several people have told me this is too much and they only gave their sick birds 1 drop a day. I've also spent hours researching the dosage online and I cant find anyone that recommend such a high dose. The vet is not an avian vet and has had no experience with birds. She said she looked up the dosage online from an exotic pets vet site. I'm worried she has gotten ml mixed up with mg because it seems a lot and its very hard getting my bird to swallow all of this. She refuses to recheck the dose so I called an avian vet (we don't have any in my city) and they refuse to comment on another vets recommendations. It doesn't seem right to me. I tried to give him 0.5ml yesterday and it stressed him really badly, most of it didn't go in his mouth. I'm worried now that its too much and I may have caused him even more damage and I'm not gain to give him anymore. Has anyone else given their birds these medications and if yes, how much did you give daily? I have no one else to ask now as I cant find any vets to help me and I have already paid out $230 in vet fees.
Baytril and Meloxicam are widely prescribed and generally well tolerated by avians. None of us are veterinarians or vet-techs and are not qualified to suggest dosing. Your experience is sadly not uncommon with minimally qualified vets. Please not I am not faulting you for seeking help for your lovebird!

I would be assertive and demand the vet re-check dosage. Not surprised another facility would refuse for legal issues. Ideal solution is to take your bird to an avian veterinarian, perhaps they will give you a break considering past experience.

None of my birds are currently on antibiotics, let me check old receipts and see if I can find doses given to my birds as reference.
I am not a working vet tech as of this moment but I did go to school for it and have a lot of knowledge that might help
IN MY OPINION the dosage is to high
Ask your vet to please recheck dose as Scott said. You figure my bird is 356 grams she's a severe macaw and her dose of amoxicillin was 1 ml
Your love bird is what..maybe 2 ounces so do the math. iN MY OPINION,again for those out there I am not a vet and only sharing my knowledge.please call around to other vets to see what opinions they can give or I'll call mine and see what she says
***Called her she would recommend 0.02 ml melaxacam and 0.03 baytrl without knowing more info she said that dose is way to high
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One of hung you have to rember is the concentrated strength the mix the solution. Tiny amounts can be hard for owners to measure and the risk if overdose to high. So many vets make a less , or more concentrate solution. So you can go measurements, you have to go by strength of the solution.

Never hurts to ask questions if vet, and ask for clarification.
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there is no avian vet here the closest is several hours away and I cant get there. The vet claims it took her 1/2 hr to find the information on the dosage and gave me the impression shes not interested in rechecking, she was not impressed with me asking. thank you for your advice I really do appreciate it.
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I asked the vet what the concentration was she told me she didn't remember and would have to go back onto the website to find out and made it clear she wasn't interested. I cant afford to pay her anymore.
That is a terrible vet! If they prescribed it the strength should be known!!!! What does it say on your bottle?

Terrifying vet response!
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The syringes came in a plastic bag. It has Baytril/Enrotril oral 100ml - per ML printed on it. I have no idea what that means? The Meloxicam has only Meloxicam written on the bag
I believe that's against the law! All medication must have mg/ml or strength terrible!
Edit: it us against the law! Must have strength!!!
File a complaint with AVMA
Basic Information for Records (R) Prescriptions (P), and Labels (L)
Name, address, and telephone number of veterinarians (RPL)
Name (L), address, and telephone number of clients (RP)
Identification of animal(s) treated, species and numbers of animals treated, when possible (RPL)
Date of treatment, prescribing, or dispensing of drug (RPL)
Name, active ingredient, and quantity of the drug (or drug preparation) to be prescribed or dispensed (RPL)
Drug strength (if more than one strength available) (RPL)
Dosage and duration
Route of administration (RPL)
Number of refills (RPL)
Cautionary statements, as needed (RPL)
Expiration date if applicable
Slaughter withdrawal and/or milk withholding times, if applicable (RPL)
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Thanks for the research, Laura. It is unconscionable for a vet to prescribe without fallback method when questioned. I would absolutely file a complaint. Meanwhile, safeguarding the bird's health is utmost priority. I'd err on the side of too little medication than a potentially harmful dose.
Did this veterinarian provide the medication or did you get it from a pharmacy? If you got it from a pharmacy you can call them and ask them how many milligrams per milliliter of each of those medications., They would have to be able to tell you.

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