1. Sora6886

    Mites on aviary floor. How to prevent it in the future?

    Ok so I suddenly have a bunch on mites on/in the floor of one of my Aviaries. None on the pair of birds in that aviary yet and I have also used avian insect liquidator to prevent it from happening. I don't clean the floors super regularly but it's still done regularly enough. Now in the...
  2. Oli

    Rats and Rat Mites?

    A couple of days ago my landlord removed some rats from my attic. I know it's not unusual for rat mites to leave their host and search for a new one when the rats pass. I think I'm just being paranoid, and Juliets' not acting any different than usual, bit I'm curious of anyone has ever heard of...
  3. A

    African grey feather problem :(

    My African grey has been over preening and I find a lot of down like feathers on the floor (not big ones). Her feathers look droopy and she’s constantly itching herself and looks uncomfortable when itching. I think she may have mites as the vet said that she’s completely healthy. I doubt it’s a...
  4. H

    Feathers look patchy

    Hi! I have a 3 month old Lovebird. She/He has been eating well, still not doing well with her fruits and veggies , but I offer them daily. Lately it has sown a lot of the time preening and I’m not sure if the darks spots on the feathers is due to this or is it a disease or mites? It’s in a very...
  5. Jayson_Black

    Lice - Mite Treatments for Non-Tamed Eclectus

    So we have a pair of Eclectus that we have been slowly trying to tame or rather "trust us". They kind of do, we have a great relationship, but at a distance. By that I mean they interact with us, so long as we don't try to touch them. My wife fairs better than me with this as she is the one who...
  6. D

    My budgie died

    I don't know what to think as I type this. I am heartbroken. My sweet budgie Leo died tonight--he was only 2 years and 7 months old. The worst part is that it was my fault. My sleep schedule has been horribly messed up, so lately, I would stay up all night. Even if I covered his cage, Leo would...
  7. Aerski

    My experience with nesting birds

    I was going to take a bath as normal, when I see something through the window, a black figure with little black figures moving around.. as dumb as I was, I open the window and was greeted by three small birds. They were already scared so I close the window and think. There was a nest there, full...
  8. N

    Help! Not sure what's wrong with parakeet.

    My parakeet, Kika, is around 8-9 years old which I have been told is kind of elderly for a parakeet. He made a couple of vet visits recently for colds and has recovered beautifully! However, I've noticed he has been scratching his face against his perches and other things. To the point that he...
  9. _cisco_

    birdy beaks

    :green: :33:I've had my bird for 7 years now and he is seven years old and I'm 15 so I'm going to be with him for a very long time he's quite loud and I'm surprised my family hasn't sold him behind my back lol, he's a blue crowned conure so as many people know they have a LOUD scream... and is...
  10. V

    urgent help_mites

    Hi from Slovakia, I would like to ask for an advise as we are facing mites problem right now. We have pionites leucogaster, male, 22 months old, weight 159 grams. 10 days ago we noticed mites on his skin and in his cage, we found them full of blood. He is sneezing and stratching his skin...
  11. C

    Tiny white mite crawling across my Hyacinth's breast

    I was just cuddling my hyacinth through the bars of his cage after putting him away and noticed a tiny white speck move rapidly across his breast and then into his feathers! A quick search on bird mites and lice tells me that they are not white but dark in color. Anybody know what this is and...
  12. LadiDy

    Molt vs. Mites

    I know all birds molt, especially around the spring time of the year. But what about mites, do all birds have mites? Would a bird with mites be picking and pulling his/her feathers the same as when preening or molting? Just need some education. Was told by a wise grandmother that there are no...
  13. Y

    rescued budgie

    hi everyone!! we have a new addition to the family~ happened to walk past a bird store and see this poor lil guy in a really bad state:( i suspected scaly mites coz her/his face was all crusted up nails were real long. the lil fella is so skinny and was lying on the cage floor. we asked the...
  14. Boyd75

    Face feather loss!?

    new owner of two sun conures one is missing/and/or/ loosing feathers around its bbeak. what des this mean??? how do i help???