Rats and Rat Mites?


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Jan 22, 2017
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A couple of days ago my landlord removed some rats from my attic. I know it's not unusual for rat mites to leave their host and search for a new one when the rats pass. I think I'm just being paranoid, and Juliets' not acting any different than usual, bit I'm curious of anyone has ever heard of rat mites hosting on pet birds?

Full disclosure, I have diagnosed parasite oriented OCD. I just want to keep her safe, but obviously I can't take her to the vet every single time I feel afraid.
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It's right to be careful, prevention is better than cure.

I think regular vacuum will suffice. And there are spray products for extra precaution. But if there is more evidence, like seeing one, a call to a pest control company may be needed.

Thanks for the reply. I've been keeping a close eye out for sure.
Rats and/or mice are commonly a concern as the removal a couple without ongoing treatment will commonly mean a return or continuation of the infestation. Rat and/or mice mitigation requires on-going treatment for at least a year after a sighting and especially after finding them.

Fully agree with the recommendation above regains vacuum cleaning!
A friend of mine moved into a new rental house, discovered rats living below a storage area, and while cleaning the space up she was terribly bitten by rat mites. She’s been working with an exterminator to finish clearing them out. I will see if she has any update…but it sounds like they will go anywhere they can for fresh blood!

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