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    Where on earth do I buy a cage?

    I have a Moluccan, and I’m looking to get him a second cage. There are no pet supply companies nearby that sell cages, and I wouldn’t want to support the parrot-breeding stores that sell them even if I were willing to make a long trip. It’s really hard to find a sufficiently large one online for...
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    seeking advice on constant M2 nesting/aggression

    My Moluccan - who I've had for 15 years - has been becoming more and more aggressive as he ages. This I expected and have worked around for years, and is usually not a problem as I can read his behavior better than anyone. But his interests are almost exclusively limited to nesting and nesting...
  3. M

    Worried about future

    Hello, I basically joined because I am worried about what will happen to my 22 year old Mollucan cockatoo when I die. I am a senior citizen (still in excellent shape) and for 22 years I have given my boy the best life a bird could ever have. He is not a problem bird, very friendly to everyone...
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    Going abroad for a year - can anyone help?

    Right off the bat I'd like to make it clear that I'm NOT trying to re-home my bird! I'm looking for a long-term foster care arrangement (approx. 1 year) I’d like to introduce Pumpkin: he is a twelve year old Moluccan cockatoo, and I have had him since he was six months old. Gregarious...
  5. Spring Time In Richmond

    Spring Time In Richmond

    just hanging out in the trees with my people
  6. Spring Time In Richmond

    Spring Time In Richmond

    just hanging out in the trees with my people
  7. C

    Bathing and perch problems

    So I have Sam a bath yesterday when I got done showering, we have a shower perch that the other birds use. I had read that cockatoos love strutting and dancing when showering, which he did but it seemed like he wasn't able to fully do as much as he wanted on the perch. So I was thinking about...
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    New Moluccan Cockatoo owner

    I have a few other parrots, but Sam is our first big parrot && he just happens to be one of the most demanding parrot species. He belonged to my mother, she recently passed away. She asked me to take him, && I promised to do right by her. I knew I was going to be getting him soon before she...
  9. Mookie


    Mookie, my Moluccan Cockatoo
  10. Mookie


    Mookie, my Moluccan Cockatoo
  11. Mookie


    Mookie, my Moluccan Cockatoo
  12. Mookie


    Mookie, my Moluccan Cockatoo
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    Moluccan Cockatoo for Sale in Florida

    Male, Max is 6 yrs old with papers. Loves to eat dinner with the family and cuddle every night. He's friendly with everyone. I cannot give Max away, as he is a very special bird. 1200.00 is the price we are asking. He would need a new cage, as his is getting really old. Email [email protected]...