1. P

    Cage size

    So I plan on getting 2 lovebirds because I just can't devote several hours a day to a bird as I have to go to school for 7 hours a day. I was just wondering how big of a cage both of them need(minimum)?
  2. J

    Building outdoor aviary for macaw

    I am looking into building an outdoor aviary for a blue and yellow macaw but I've got a few questions: Is 3x3 meters big enough for only one macaw? And how high? Is it save to use netting for the roof? something like this: And...
  3. B

    Is mesh spacing of 0.92" good for a Timneh? Help!

    Hello. Good to be on this helpful forum once again, as this is my second posting. In my previous post, I was confused between which feathered baby to bring home, and you guys sure helped me greatly! and I thank you for that. I have decided to bring home a Timneh AG. Yay, very exciting! As I...
  4. ZephyrFly

    Green Cheeks cages

    I know bigger is better when going for cages but due to room restrain my boyfriend and I have been looking at this cage: Peru Top Opening Parrot Cage with Stand - Antique Dimensions: Width 56cm x Height 81cm x Depth 43cm Total cage height is 139cm bar spacing 10mm wire strength 2mm We both...
  5. meltedrose

    New cage for GCC

    So I'm finally upgrading Caspian from his baby cage. I've been asking around for ideal sizes(I know big) and bar spacing and such, and I've been getting mixed answers. Some people said at least 18x18x18, others, 24x24x24 ,and so on. Plus bar spacing is all over the place. So I think I found a...
  6. happycat

    Is this an OK cage for my Kakariki?

    My kakariki is a little bigger then a Budgie. But Kakarikis need a bigger cage because they are pretty energetic. I found a 75 dollar cage on Craigslist that is 50.5" tall x 18" wide x 18" deep. Heres the picture: Im not sure the bar spacing, which is important. Does the bar spacing look too...