1. chloe.millar

    Can I leave my Green Cheek outside?

    Okay question! I am a full-time student and often leave the house for 4-6 hours at a time. My green cheek conure has a full indoor enclosure and is never caged when I’m home. However, I hate to leave her inside when I’m away. So I have a cockatiel sized cage that I place right outside the front...
  2. T

    New member from Bahrain 🇧🇭

    Hello fellow Parroters ( if there is such a word ), [english is not my first language] I am new to the parrot world and it is my first experience ever with these beautiful creatures, i am from Bahrain most known for its Formula 1 circuit and passion for motorsport, I never thought before...
  3. S

    Taking sun conure out for a walk

    Hey everyone! I adopted my 5 year old sun conure about a year ago. She came from a neglected home so she was not so tame. However, I worked with her every day and she can now trust me 100%. I love spending time with her.the weather is getting nicer here in Michigan and I was wondering if it...
  4. M

    Sun Conure Diet

    Hello everyone! So a few days ago I made a post about me adopting a new three-year-old sun conure. I decided to name her Marlo! So Marlo and I have become best friends. Inseparable haha. I’d like to think that her diet is okay but quiete honestly, this has been harder than I thought. So what I...
  5. H

    Sun Conure passed away

    Hi all, My beautiful best friend 'Jeff Jeff' passed away late last night. Nothing has been more upsetting in my life so far. I'm posting today as I would like to know if anyone can offer answers as to why it happened. I came home from my partner's house to find Jeff in his bed sleeping in...
  6. M

    Harness Training Update

    Hi again lol so I’ve been working with my 3 year old sun conure Mari for a few days now. At first she hid in my shirt from the harness. Now, I hold it up and put some seeds in front of her and the only way she can eat the seeds is if she puts her head thru the hole of the harness. And she’s on...
  7. M

    Conure HATES going back in cage

    Hi everyone :-)! I’ve had my two year old sun conure, Mari, for a little less than a year now. We have formed an extremely special bond and it seems like she has picked me to be her favorite human haha. She is aggressive towards other people. I have tried to discourage that behavior but I guess...
  8. M

    Conure weird hissing behavior

    Hi guys! Haven't posted in a while. So I adopted my 2 year old sun conure, Merri, about a month ago. She is warming up perfectly to me. We do everything together. However, lately she's been doing this weird hissing thing at me. Every time I go and scratch her head, she will enjoy it! She even...
  9. M

    Taking Sun Conure Out of Cage

    Hi! So I adopted my 2 year old sun conure a little over a week ago. She has quickly warmed up to me and loves getting cuddled and talked to. She seems so much happier. I had an appt with the vet yesterday and he said she is as healthy as can be! However I'm having a problem. I've been teaching...
  10. M

    Sun conure won't step up

    So I adopted my sun conure, Marigold about 3 days ago. She was very nervous at first but has quickly warmed up to me. The problem is her previous owner did not teach her to step up. Instead, everytime I reach in and say "step up" she puts her head down so I can scratch her head and I do. So my...
  11. M

    New Conure...Biting

    So I just adopted my two year old sun conure named Merri from a friend. There she was given fresh food and water but was given lots of human interaction time.. She has picked up a few words here and there and seems very friendly. She would step up and give kisses. My friends had to move so I...
  12. Being Cute

    Being Cute

    Sunny in the kitchen.
  13. Rora

    Please meet Tango! Also, I'd like some advice if possible :D

    I got my Sunday conure “Tango” from a male breeder about two days ago, he’s ten weeks old and he’s friendly. He’s currently fallen asleep while I’ve been stroking his stomach or back and sits on my shoulder or accepts treats from me , but he screams when my boyfriend comes into the room (I think...
  14. CharlieSheen

    Best Conure: Sun, Greencheek, or Other?

    Alright, so I've been thinking about my favorite types of birds (That I could afford) and my favorites were Conures and Cockatiels. My sister has a bit of asthma (She hasn't had an attack for 10 years, but just in case) so I've decided Conures woukld be great. And so, I ask, what's the best...
  15. Eirote

    Possible problems with a new house?

    We have a 2 year old sun conure, she's super friendly and a real sweetheart. We recently moved to a bigger house, she has a lot more space to play in and seems really happy. However I've noticed that she's a lot more "chattery" in the new place. Making little chirpy noises the whole time. She...
  16. Chili

    Should i be worried about my Sun Conures behaviour?

    lol i know this may be a silly question but i have had her for a year and she has NEVER bit me... she will taste nibble but never bite! She is very well behaved when she is squawking i will just gently clam her down with a few words and she will stop for hours and continue on playing? She seems...
  17. Fluffy Butt

    Fluffy Butt

    He also had a very fluffy butt as a baby.
  18. Sleepy Baby

    Sleepy Baby

    When I first met Pyros, he was always very sleepy. He was a baby, after all.
  19. Four Weeks Old

    Four Weeks Old

    Pyros when I first met him, at four weeks old
  20. L

    My conures aren't getting along :\

    About 2 months ago I bought a cinnamon conure (Vash) and he is the sweetest little thing ever. He. Let's anyone play with or pet him. However, I work full time as do my parentsand my sibling go to school, so he's alone all day and my neighbors started complaining about squawking when he's home...