tail feathers

  1. henk_and_zazoe

    My tiel lost all his tail feathers at once

    Hi all! My two year cockatiel, Zazoe, lost all of his tail feathers at once yesterday. Although this is his third molt, I have never seen him lose this many feathers (6 tail feathers) at once. When he lost them, he didn’t show any signs of being hurt and he wasn’t stuck. He just flew away and...
  2. C

    Need help urgently with my 6+month old cockatiel!

    I'm not sure when this injury occured but im guessing around 3am when he had a night fright. i didnt notice until i came back from school, and now im worried that this injry is lethal or something. the blood looks dried but still im worried
  3. R

    Plucked/Lost tail feather

    Hey all! Rocky is just shy of six months old and has already been molting for a couple of weeks now. Tonight she was sitting with me, and when I got up to put her to bed I noticed this tail feather sitting on the ground at my feet. Rocky is particularly clumsy when it comes to climbing and has...
  4. M

    Weird tail growth?

    Hello! I recently noticed this really weird growth in my conure's tail. I've never seen something like this before so I was concerned if I should visit a vet right away. Not sure if anyone else has seen something like this and offer any advice, but he doesn't let me touch it and bites me very...
  5. jaciesaur

    Ragged looking feathers post-moult

    Hey all. My Alex, Mozzie, just finished a moult about a month ago. I noticed that her feathers grew back in a bit ragged on her wings and tail, but I thought it was because they were fairly fresh and they'd even out. But since then, I've seen her preen and haven't noticed any destructive...
  6. LOkiiii

    Help: Tail Feathers

    Hi everyone, I am new but I frequently go here always for any information about parrots and its always wonderful to see so much information from bird owners. I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me identify if this is a problem that I should bring to a vets attention, my conure has...
  7. D

    4 month old ringneck

    My 4 month old ringneck has lost his tail feathers only, but i have not seen any regrowth. Is it because he is young and the regrowth is taking longer then usual. He didn't lose all the tail feathers at once
  8. L

    Is it safe to clip a tail feather

    I have a U2 with an prolapsed cloacal, he has had it repaired 3x's and we have decided not to make him go through that again because the chance of it not happening again are very slim. I will warn you the pictures look really nasty. My problem is because he is not able to poo like...
  9. R

    My bird is destroying its tail!

    Hello! My Pearly Conure Lucky is constantly chewing on his tail. Whenever he is in his cage, if he isn't playing, eating or drinking he's chewing on his tail feathers. At first, i thought it was just a little accident he may have had when i wasn't looking but over time it has evolved into...
  10. I

    Kermit has it out for her tail feathers

    She's lost so many lately. About a month ago she twisted one and I had to wait a few weeks for it to fall out on it's own. She damaged a new blood feather slightly at the same time, but the damage wasn't near the end of the shaft so I let it be. It grew in just fine, with just a small hole in...
  11. M

    Broken tail feather- what to do with it?

    Hi! My 9mnth old Alexandrine has a broken tail feather that is just hanging. The break is about 5 cm from where the feather begins. She is currently going through a molt. There is no blood and she is behaving fine. Should I cut it or is the reccomendation to leave it. She has already started...
  12. Kelsih11

    Trimming tail feathers?!

    I work at PetSmart and while talking to one of our dog food reps about the little pineapple GCC we have in store (who has drawn blood with me multiple times now), she told me that a different PetSmart up the street has a sun conure named Lenny that was sold to a family but returned a week later...
  13. Toast 2

    Toast 2

    Tail feathers
  14. A

    A few questions about my sennie...

    A few questions from a new parront.. I have a 2 year old Senegal named Maxwell and I'm new to owning birdys. I have a few questions... 1) Why does he keep wagging his tail feathers and fluffing up?! 2) When he's in his cage he refuses to sleep until I bring him out, then he will sleep on...
  15. R

    Losing tail feathers, normal?

    This is Cleo and her tail suddenly looks like this. I notice she has been losing lots of feathers lately and a few tail feathers, so I assume she is molting. But I've never seen so much tail feather loss in one time. She has little nubby feathers coming in but I just want to see if this is...
  16. rxbrnnn

    Tail feather backwards?

    So i was trimming my baby's wings yesterday (i do clip myself and i was just trimming, he was clipped when i bought him at 10 wks and i've done a full "haircut" once at about 12 weeks - i live in a VERY small nyc apartment and feel more comfortable keeping him clipped especially since he loves...