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May 7, 2023
Two lovebirds, one peach-faced and one black-masked. Both about six months old as of 2023, sexes unknown as of yet.
So I’ve read that lovebirds natural habitats are usually in the sub-Saharan deserts of Africa, and that they like to live tucked away in tree holes and whatnot. This begs the question: should I get my two birdies a place to hide? Like a little box for them to crawl into? One of my birds is not very social, and quite likes the hide away. The other doesn’t mind as much.
The reason I’m debating getting them a hidey-hole is that I don’t want to encourage nesting behavior. I’m still unsure of what their sexes are, so I don’t want to create frustration if they can’t mate, but I also don’t want them to mate because I have no idea how to take care of baby lovebirds haha.
Any thoughts?


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Jul 10, 2015
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Personnel, I like to create a hiding place by placing hanging toys in one corner of their cage with those toys both on the outsides of the corner and hanging from the top inside with a perch running between both the outside and inside hanging toys. How many is kind of up to you and your parrots as some really like depth were others want to be able to peek-out. I have found that the peeking-out system works the best. Do allow enough room for them to move around inside so start larger and pull back (smaller) if needed.

Have fun!

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