1. Jacob1302

    Concerning Conure Behavioral Change

    My pearly conure (2 years old), has recently had a Behavioral change and I'm a little concerned about it. I need to preface this that I have extremely bad anxiety when it comes to my bird, and even the slightest change ill freak out over, so this might be nothing. 3 days ago I had the day off...
  2. Libbi24

    Hercules is constantly screaming

    Hello, Hercules has gotten into the habit of constantly screaming. He used to scream in the morning when I gave him his breakfast and at night when he was ready for bed. But now it has started to become constant. I’m a bit stuck on what to do, I’ve tried treats, he’s fed a healthy diet, he...
  3. Rico_Tiel

    How do I tell a family friend that what they’re doing is abuse?

    Heyo, so… I was dreading this but I suspected it’d happen… I predicted it pretty accurately, really. Huge Tw: animal cruelty, suffering, and death. So, we have a family friend who has a very, VERY bad history with animals. ESPECIALLY exotics… they have a history of impulsive buying animals...
  4. S

    I dont know what to do anymore, my parrot has random moments when he is aggressive.

    Hello, Let me start by saying this, I wanted a pet, needed something to give me a bit of purpose and take care of. A few years ago I developed allergies to cats and dogs and this has really brought me down. So I decided to get a parrot, did some research, looked for what would be suitable for...
  5. RingneckRave

    Escaped Alexandrine

    Just to clarify: no, this is not my pet alex. But for a while now I've seen on rare occasion an alexandrine, first sighting was about year ago. Just saw him again this morning before he flew off, and it's not a native bird. I've attached an image of the bird from when my sister spotted it on the...
  6. Pearla7096

    Aggressions problem

    Hi, this is my first post, and I could really use some help with my bird's recent aggressive behavior. My bird is a little more than a year old, and I believe his aggression might be related to a mirror toy in his cage, possibly due to hormonal changes. Today, when I tried to let him step onto...
  7. SleepyLuca

    Budgie health problems

    So my about 6 year old budgie has been having a lot of problems recently that have me concerned. His beak has started to grow too fast for him to manage and we had to begin trimming it on a regular basis so that he can eat, drink and clean himself. But- he also has feces stuck to his vent and it...
  8. C

    Can I Feed My Parrot Chicken Feed?

    I started a flock of chickens this year (they are outside, Misty is inside) and discovered that their Dumor Layer-Mix Granules is almost EXACTLY the same as the Zoopreme parrot pellets, and the Dumor Organic line of chicken feed is an even CLOSER match!! the only ingredients Zoopreme has that...
  9. F

    A place to hide?

    So I’ve read that lovebirds natural habitats are usually in the sub-Saharan deserts of Africa, and that they like to live tucked away in tree holes and whatnot. This begs the question: should I get my two birdies a place to hide? Like a little box for them to crawl into? One of my birds is not...
  10. P

    Bird with broken wing

    I know this forum is for parrots but I don't know where to ask this question. There is this wild crow that got hit by a car. One of its wing (the right one I think) is broken or fractured. all its feathers are gone except for 3 (which are shredded). it keeps its wing a little away from its body...
  11. M

    Ruptured air sac not healing

    I’ve been trying to get advice for this though my usual alleys but I’m not getting the information that I need so I’m trying a parrot forum instead. Birds are birds right? I have a baby chicken with a ruptured air sac which I have been treating for WEEKS now and it just isn’t healing. We went...
  12. S

    Please HELP baby conure not eating

    I recently had to take over hand feeding on a 4 week old green cheek conure. I have never handfed before but did a lot of research to try to help this baby survive. He has been eating well until today. He ate 11ml in the morning, next feeding, wouldn’t eat at all. Got 2 ml in but that’s it and...
  13. BudgieBudgieBudgie

    What happened to her beak?

    I left home for about 2 hours and my budgies beak looks dented or cracked, and it has some dark/small red spot underneath this weird looking crack. I took some photos of me holding her. These are the best photos I could get. What do I do?
  14. Rico_Tiel

    Is my cockatiel Plucking?

    Is Rico plucking? I noticed it the other day.
  15. Rico_Tiel

    I need help badly with some dogs.

    I absolutely HATE the fact I even have to type this but, here we are. We have 4 Italian greyhounds (they are no bigger than a cat) and my mom abuses them. One of them she seems to target. The one she seems to target is fatter than the others and pretty short. He has alopecia (no hair) and has...
  16. MyFeatheredFlock

    Some on things wrong with my budgies leg please help

    I just found my budgie on the bottom of his cage, and when I tried lifting him up and putting him on a perch I noticed he was only using one leg, the other one was held back behind him. His vent was also covered in wet poop, (I cleaned it after I noticed). I know this isn’t normal but I don’t...
  17. C

    Sun conure screaming/biting when playing instruments. Seeking advice

    Hey everybody! Brand new to this website. My girlfriend and I just adopted a rescue sun conure from the SPCA and we adore her. She is extremely cuddly (especially with me) and loud (to be expected from a sunny). We've had her for about 3 weeks, and one issue I have noticed with her is that she...
  18. Q

    Quaker parrots onion poisoning?

    Hi all, I have 2 male quaker parrots (1yo & 3yo). They have been eating a new frozen vegetable mix for the past 2-3 days. I only just noticed that the mix contains onion pieces. They have been leaving behind these pieces (thought they were cauliflower scraps or something before) in their bowl...
  19. TheofficialParakeet

    Pregnant Molly PHOTOS

    hello, I have taken on a pregnant molly that one of my friends was going to kill. so, I don't know how far along in her pregnancy she is, and wa wondering if anyone can provide some help? photos are attached
  20. L

    Lovebird mutation

    Co Hi! I recently inherited these lovely birds, and I was wondering if anyone knew what their colour mutation was? Thankyou