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  1. T

    Bird cage and windex

    I was away on vacation and allowed my parents to take care of my two birds, they’re small lineolated parakeets, but I found out while I was away they COMPLETELY sprayed down the WHOLE cage and every toy inside. I don’t know which day they cleaned it, I was only gone for 3 days, the birds look...
  2. F

    Taming a skittish but friendly lovebird

    I got a new lovebird ~6 months ago (he's almost one and a half), and I've slowly made some progress taming him, but it's been especially slow for a while now. He can fly, so I bring him to a bathroom for clicker training to limit his flight space. I'm able to get him to step up and sit on my...
  3. Lexi_035

    Adopting an Amazon in need

    Hello! I have recently come across an Amazon parrot in need of a home! She is still quite young and is wild caught and was raised with nestum here in Mexico. She has quite a sad story, but the owner has finally decided to give her away to a new family, I'm the one chosen to get her. The problem...
  4. PauliDeAlex


  5. Libbi24

    Sore cockatiel feet

    Hello, I was just wondering whether there is sort of ointment or cream that is safe to use on my cockatiels feet? She has deformed feet due to previous neglect and while I was filing her nails today I noticed that they seem to be very sore. I use natural wooden branches but mainly Cotten...
  6. J

    Catalina or Harlequin macaw ?

    I’ve bought this baby macaw of 7 weeks a week ago from a friend of mine that didn’t know how to handle this way to young parrot ! I’m experienced with parrots but still doubt if it’s a Catalina or Harlequin macaw ? Does someone know ?
  7. L

    Untamed out of cage

    I have 2 budgies both untamed but in training(only had them for a couple months) the male is comfortable “stepping up” with a little encouragement(millet) and recently has been stepping up without it. Recently he stepped onto my finger(in their cage) but then kept coming out and up my arm. I...
  8. Egginaboat

    I need help!!! :(

    Hello everyone!!! I saw people posting their own parrot problems on here so I thought someone can help me.. Okay so, I Have 2 Fischer's (male and female) I've had them since January of 2023 (I think) and they just don't like any of my family members or me!! Everytime I try to go near the cage...
  9. T

    first time laying eggs? help?

    Hello! I have a cockatiel named Tea that is showing signs of laying eggs. She turns 7 in about a month and she’s showing some behaviors that i’m worried about. First thing that concerns me is her poop, they’re a normal/slightly brighter green color but the actual poop is very small but...
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    Can someone tell me why my 6 month old Amazon keeps making this sound? It’s repetitive in the evening and afternoons.
  11. creams0da

    Help! Lovebird pulling feathers

    Hi , I’m new to the forum! Thanks for all your reading and suggestions. Garlic is my one-and-a-half-year-old female love bird. One day at the end of September last year, she suddenly pulled out all the feathers on her neck and chest, and since then, she has insisted on pulling out the feathers...
  12. marsvv

    How to improve my conures diet?

    Hi so I have a well I believe 1 year old conure, (we don’t know the exact age) and her diet is mostly just a mix of seeds and a bit of pellets. And I want to make sure I could give her a better diet. Using vegetables fruits etc. I really need help and any recommendations are fine!
  13. unlikelynick

    Just lost the last of my two lovebirds, need to vent/get opinions

    Good afternoon, After years of checking this forum, I'm finally posting, and I apologize that it is going to be a long one. I had two lovebirds for 13 years, they were my whole heart and I am devastated at how things ended. The first one, a mule lovebird, passed in November from what...
  14. S

    Feet looks swollen.

    Hi, need some help I just got him a few days ago and didn’t really get to notice his feet till today. Both the feet’s looks different and it looks like it’s swelled up? Left feet seems swollen, rights seems fine. Any suggestions or is it normal because he’s still a baby? Need help.
  15. Birdmum

    Questions to ask and how to make sure you’re picking the correct home for your bird ?

    Please trying to rehome and need help any all the advice is very much appreciated
  16. kenny

    My conure is still aggressive

    Hello guys this is my first time having a parrot pet, I got him like months ago he likes me but still bites sometimes and never leaves his cage only rarely.. i tried putting food outside he looks hesitant, most of my family are scared of him but i think he knows im the safe place but he never...
  17. psitticine

    Is she okay? :(

    Hi all. I’m concerned about my Quaker. She took a bath in her cage about half an hour ago. I had talked to the vet about helping her sinuses, as she had started sneezing a few times per day with no discharge or other red flags. They suggested a “sauna bath”, basically starting the shower for...
  18. Zainabals

    How old do you think my Lorikeet is?

    Hey everyone, So I was wondering does the beak color give any idea how old a lorikeet might be? I mean the shop owner mentioned he was about 11 weeks old but I saw other members with lorikeets that age and their beaks look more orange. We’ve had our lori for about 3 weeks now , more orange...
  19. H

    Help needed Indian Ringneck Parrot not eating

    Hello beautiful members, i hope you and your precious floofs are doing great. I recently ( almost 1.5 month ago) rescued an Indian Ringneck (Teemo) from a parrot mill where he was being kept in a very cramped cage with many other birds. The shopkeeper gave him to me for free saying he didnt have...
  20. A

    I need help with taming my 2 Budgies

    I have a male budgie about 2 to 3 years old, and a female who's almost a year old. I've had my male (bluey) for a few years and have never been able to tame him, but will eat out of my hand. My female (Saturn) I got a month ago since my other female died, she does not like me at all but...