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  1. P

    candle and birds

    hey yall so birds were fine after the gasoline spill and before i say the next thing, my family doesn't listen to anything I say and keep telling me "noooooo they're finneeee" I'm also 14 (hence is why they don't listen to me) and my mom and sister keep telling me in overdramtic. So basically...
  2. P


    So my uncle was taking a thing of like lighter fluid/gasoline type thing to the grill and it split, causing us to rush to clean things up, but my budgies Whiskey and Lullaby, were in their cage when it happened in the same room, they were only in the room for like 2-4 minutes after the spill (we...
  3. RingneckRave

    Escaped Alexandrine

    Just to clarify: no, this is not my pet alex. But for a while now I've seen on rare occasion an alexandrine, first sighting was about year ago. Just saw him again this morning before he flew off, and it's not a native bird. I've attached an image of the bird from when my sister spotted it on the...
  4. Pearla7096

    Aggressions problem

    Hi, this is my first post, and I could really use some help with my bird's recent aggressive behavior. My bird is a little more than a year old, and I believe his aggression might be related to a mirror toy in his cage, possibly due to hormonal changes. Today, when I tried to let him step onto...
  5. E

    Cleaning product?

    Whats the best method yall have found to cleaning conure potty messes? Ive been using grapefruit seed extract cut with water but it feels like I need something harsh for the harder messes
  6. B

    Sun Conure Finger Problem!

    Hi I have noticed that my 2.5-month old Sun Conure bird has curved fingers. and it cannot properly grip the perches or my finger. Is there a likelihood of those fingers being repaired? I would like to seek advice from experts regarding this matter. Thanks in advance
  7. GryphonHound

    Finding a Bourke Breeder

    I'm thinking of getting a Bourke soon but I can't find any breeders. All the ones that I have found online either stopped breeding 10 years ago or are a scam. Does anyone know any reliable breeders who ship and or are in the Midwest?
  8. N

    Looking for a new family member

    I have chickens and one particular one has been in my home since March. I am re-integrating her back into her flock after an injury and realize I need a bird full time in my home. Caring for her and bonding with her has become one of the best experiences of my life. This is not fair for a...
  9. kyladoodle

    Help! She laid an egg….

    Hey everybody. Miss Gizmo suprised me a couple of days ago with a small egg at the bottom of her cage. She appears to have a bit of egg butt going on - but still her usual self, being noisy, happy, eating and drinking which is great. I’m a little stressed though as I know female lories are prone...
  10. F

    A place to hide?

    So I’ve read that lovebirds natural habitats are usually in the sub-Saharan deserts of Africa, and that they like to live tucked away in tree holes and whatnot. This begs the question: should I get my two birdies a place to hide? Like a little box for them to crawl into? One of my birds is not...
  11. E


    Hi everyone. My room had some kind of annoying bug and I used bug spray to get rid of it and i forgot to take my bird out( its called big alexander or smth). I sprayed like 10 or 11 seconds and then opened the window. How harmful it is and can it get some kind od disease or die? I mention that...
  12. M

    I am new to this and I want to know the following things.

    My parrot is trying to shake some of his feathers to get rid of them and he even appears to either ask me to help him or simply to pet him where he points(Was really surprised with his intelligence, really cool), the thing is i am afraid i will do it wrong and hurt him instead, is there a brush...
  13. F

    Am I doing this right?

    Hi everyone! So I have recently adopted two lovebirds, Fiffel and Volfie (don’t ask about the names, it’s a long story haha) and I guess I’m just sort of seconding guessing myself? I’ve had them for about a month, and they’re both roughly around 6 months old. Volfie has had a traumatic past and...
  14. Rico_Tiel

    Second thoughts and doubts.

    I am honestly kinda nervous about getting a budgie and as much as I hate to admit, I’m having second thoughts. I want to get a budgie but in the same breath, I’m just worried about a lot. What if it dies in transport? What if it doesn’t get along with Rico? What if I leave the room for a second...
  15. BudgieBudgieBudgie

    (SOLVED) Is having the microwave in my birds proximity safe?

    I bought a microwave do I can start making then yams, veggie chops, and I places it in my room where my other eletronics are. Is the proximity of the microwave safe for my budgies? I heard that microwave radiation is bad. I wanna make sure they'll be okay with the distance from it and if...
  16. E

    Sun Conure or Jenday?

    I recently got a conure and he was labeled as Jenday but I’m positive he is a Sun. Just wanted other parrot peoples thoughts. He turns one at the end of april.
  17. Rico_Tiel

    Is my cockatiel Plucking?

    Is Rico plucking? I noticed it the other day.
  18. Rico_Tiel

    So many pellet options, what do I choose?

    Hello! I have come to realize my bird isn’t a huge fan of Psittacus pellets but I like the brand. Sadly he just doesn’t like the pellets anymore so now I just have 4 pounds of pellets he doesn’t favor. He will eat it but prefers other brands. So, when he finishes the bag, I’m going to get him...
  19. EngineerGaming

    Something might be wrong with my Quaker parrot

    My parrot was doing find this past week up until today, my mom told me she saw my parrot in his water bowl slouching down and looked as if he were dead according to her, and usually when my mom would put one of her fingers in his cage he would charge at her but this time he didn’t. He seemed to...
  20. F

    Head Injury?

    Yesterday afternoon my green cheek conure, Beans, got spooked by something and flew into a window. He usually doesn't do this but he hit it pretty hard and stunned himself. The stun only lasted a minute or two and his foot was clenched and his one wing was limp, he soon snapped out of it and...