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May 5, 2016
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Kermit, ♀ GCC (Green Demon)
So Kermit my GCC recently tried some dried peppers and loved em, as many birds seem naturally programmed to love. We have some ornamental peppers in the backyard, and after some research, it looked like they're okay. Everyone says they're technically edible, though are so ungodly hot that you probably won't want to. But seeing as birds evidently lack the ability to taste 'spicy', it doesn't matter much ( and interestingly, I learned birds are largely responsible for seed dispersion of peppers for that reason; seems a case of co-evolution here). So I started adding them into his chop and he seems to like it.

Unfortunately... they really hurt me. I've been stubborn about not wearing gloves while chopping them, because of some "if I can't survive this then the bird shouldn't eat it"... I know birds supposedly aren't bothered by spicy but I'm getting really nasty burns here. How on earth is the bird, who also has skin, completely fine with it? Should I stop feeding these to him?


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Jul 31, 2016
None. My wife has one too many. Kidding!
I can tell you for a fact that the Rickeybird has been eating at least one Serrano for a long time, and ghost chiles over the last couple of years. Back in NM everybody fed their parrots the hottest peppers they could find. I have never heard of a problem. The only down side is yes, the human collateral damage. The Mrs. sneezes and hacks every time she sticks her nose into the bird's feathers. He of course uses his hot beak to preen and then... she doesn't care, I guess. He is as spicy as a walking pepper-spray. I will ask her to comment later as to any avian vet info she may have.


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May 14, 2016
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The Rickeybird, 38-year-old Patagonian Conure
Hello... Mrs. Rival here.
I've never heard of any problem with the hottest of peppers. I can tell you the Rickeybird prefers the hottest I'm willing to give him... currently it's the little Serrano variety... it's the hottest *I* can tolerate as preening residue results! Ka-choo!

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