Eddie is setting in nicely! We went to the vet + DIET QUESTIONS


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Jul 3, 2023
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I went to the vet today with Eddie and the doctor said he was all good. She clipped his nails a tiny bit and he was so brave! He was very friendly and flew on top of her head :D. She answered some questions I had and reassured me that it's all good. I am collecting stool samples and they will do some tests on Monday just so we can be sure we covered everything.

Can you believe our breeder said they can only eat a mix of seeds and a bit of fruits??? (he mentioned no veggies and pellets) I knew that wasn't true because I made bird chop before but nonetheless I asked the vet and she was like pffft... nonsense. So now I made him the tastiest bird chop ever (broccoli, cucumber, carrots, bell pepper, baby spinach, lentils, quinoa and chia seeds, and a tiny bit of pomegranate). I am planning to add sweet potato. Any other recommendations on what to add to the chop? He also looooves mango and apple, but I try not to give him too much because he eats it all (he would def eat a whole apple if left alone with it XD)

When he arrived he was about 63gr and now he's at 68-69ish. He is very fond of every veggie and fruit we give him. I am trying to find a website to order Roudybush pellets that delivers to here (we are in Southeastern Europe).

Any other pellet brands you all would recommend?

Anyways that's the update for now! I am really happy and much more calm now.

Will keep posting updates and photos! Love from me and Eddie



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Aug 29, 2018
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Oh I'm so pleased Eddie did so well at the vet, and I'm happy for you @cosmothebirb, that must be a great weight off your mind! Definitely want to steer clear of too much fruit, too much sugar and they just don't burn it off the way they do in the wild. Roudybush is a good brand but some seeds are still ok provided they're not the main part of his diet, again a bit too high in energy for a "domestic" bird. There are a bunch of chop recipes in the following link if you'd like some inspiration but I think the mix you've made so far would be delicious - I bet Eddie gobbled it right up!!

Looking forward to more photos and updates when you're able! :)

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