A short video of sulphur crested cockatoos in the suburbs... Enjoy

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Jul 29, 2023
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Sulphur crested cockatoos... These guys are so cool. Arguably the most numerous cockatoo species in Australia along with the galah and corella I think and I've spent many happy hours watching them in their habitat. I hope you enjoy this video

There is a place in Victoria where the cockys and rosellas have learnt how to get fed from humans. It's a joy to see but there are signs around saying not to feed them. I can be stubborn and arrogant and that side of me says get lost it's my life i can do what I want, it's not even a law.
But I'm also reasonable and want to know why they ask that of people. One answer is that the cockys become aggressive beggers and can injure people, another is that they destroy the outdoor furniture, some just think it's bad for animals and humans to get along they think animals should be scared of humans.
I've got counter arguments for each and I won't go into them but my conclusion is that's it's great that these birds have come to trust us and can get fed by us. It would be great if more animals trusted humans
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