Abadoned Conure Eggs!

Lil Birb

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Jul 26, 2023
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Hi! My sister has a few pairs of Conures. One of the pairs are Sun Conures, the mama bird escaped after laying 2 eggs. The GC pair started eating their eggs. She asked me if I could incubate the eggs and raise the chicks. I know some things about hatching and raising bird chicks. I understand how hard it'll be to raise these chicks. I need info for temperature and humidity for the conures (I don't have experience with conure eggs). I have loads of info for hand feeding from day 8- weaning, I still need info on how to feed for the first week of life. I am also aware that chicks absorb their egg yolk as food. When does the absorbing period end, and how often do I feed them for the first week? When do I start and end feeding for the day? I have a brooder and incubator preset at 99°F currently.

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