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May 3, 2013
Hello! I'm a new member to this forum as I find myself in possession of 2 birds that I cannot care for. My father recently passed away and left my brothers and I with 2 exotic birds. One Macaw and one African Gray. They both are located near Decatur, Alabama. We would like these birds to go to a loving home, so finding a forum of bird lovers seemed the way to go. Anyone interested in either of these birds is welcome to contact me at my personal email address
[email protected]. I can then put you in contact with my brother, who is currently caring for these birds. Please, serious inquiries only. Our father loved these birds dearly and we would would like them to be with people who will love them as much as he did.
Please pass this notice on to anyone looking for either one of this kind of bird.

Thank you,
Best of luck to you finding the perfect home!
Good luck finding a home and welcome to the forums! id suggest looking into possible rescues around you that would take them in and find them forever homes:). Make sure you visit and see what they are about though!
I pray that the birds will be placed with loving caring guardians


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