1. ImaParrot

    Just Bird Drawings

    This is what I spent my morning doing. I'm only good at drawing big birds like cockatoos and macaws. I'm terrible at drawing budgies.
  2. M

    Looking for Illiger’s Macaw Breeder

    Having a really hard time finding an active breeder of Illiger’s Macaws that isn’t a scam. Does anyone know of any active breeders?
  3. R

    Friend convicted for green-wing macaw transport

    Hi everyone, I believe this is not a usual topic here, but here it is. One of my friends was transporting macaw from Belgia to Bulgaria with legal documents of bird registration and a vet certificate. They arrested him at the Serbian border with the conviction of "Illegal transport of endangered...
  4. lunyluna

    Beware of Zupreem - Macaw in Crisis

    I've had my rescued Scarlet Macaw Luna for 3 1/2 years now, and throughout that time (and her year-long foster period beforehand) she has been on a Zupreem pellet diet. She started on the regular fruit blend for large birds, then I started mixing in the natural and veggie blends, and finally...
  5. Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

    Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

    Shandie the B&G
  6. Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

    Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

  7. C

    Seeking Female B&G Macaw

    Hi to all! I am looking for a female/hen Macaw, preferably a Blue and Gold and I live in the San Antoni, Texas area. I currently own a 6 year old male Macaw and he would like a hen for Christmas. If you need to rehome a female Macaw please contact me. Thank you!
  8. BellaLikesBirds

    Biggest Parrot Species Feather

    Hi there! I really dont know where to post this but I'm wondering what parrot species have the largest feathers. Any types of feathers - primary, secondary, breast, etc. - just not underflooflies haha. Just a curious thought. I'm assuming it'd probably be some sort of macaw or cockatoo, but...
  9. MacawBeginnerandLover

    Macaw price?

    I currently have 3 baby scarlet macaws and thinking about keeping some while trying to sell some to try to build up a savings for a Hyacinth breeding pair. Any idea of prices of baby Scarlet macaws? When they are most expensive? ---When they are right after weaning? When they learn how to fly...
  10. M

    green wing macaw baby wanted in Nor-Cal

    Hello - Can anyone point me in the direction of a green wing macaw breeder in Nor-Cal? Looking for a hand fed fully weaned baby. Thanks!!!
  11. L

    Looking to Adopt a Macaw in Florida

    I have been searching for a while. I guess it doesn’t cost a thing to try and look for help in this forum! I would Love to adopt or receive a Macaw in my home. I’m Located in Central Florida but I’m willing to travel. It is welcome any help I could get! Thanks
  12. I

    Still researching, want some opinions!

    Hi everyone, I’m sure some of you have seen posts I’ve made about many parrot species as im researching all my options! I’ve come to the forums today to get some opinions about my compatibility with a couple species These are: African greys (timneh mostly) Eclectus Amazons Hahns macaws Meyers...
  13. rio_

    New blue and gold macaw hasn’t bathed in a while

    Just yesterday I brought home a blue and gold macaw, Rio. He’s a 4yo sweetheart and he’s really confident and loud. He steps up and gets onto my shoulder but if he’s up too long he starts biting. I was told by the previous owners that he hasn’t had a bath and they’ve been spraying some bath...
  14. MyFeatheredFlock

    Where Can I Buy Macaw Eggs Without Getting Scammed?

    I’m trying to find somewhere that sells Macaw eggs, I recently got an incubator and wanted to hatch my own Macaw. Has anyone here ever bought parrots eggs? And if you have, where? I can’t find anywhere that seems legit online.
  15. bocabill

    Scottie and Louie got a new toy!

    Daddy never gets tired of spoiling his two year old twin baby boys with new toys!
  16. S

    Scarlet macaw squawking like a baby

    I have scarlet macaw he’s almost 3 and when he’s out of the cage and I’m with him he squawks like a baby chick squawks for food and I’m just not sure what that means and why he’s doing it. It starts of low then kind of gets loud. I even asked the vet but I wasn’t really given an answer and it is...
  17. S

    My father's macaw passed away tonight due to egg binding. Did the vets give poor advice?

    Hello all. As the title states, my father's Blue and Gold Macaw, Mango, passed away today at the age of around 29 years old due to egg binding. I am writing this thread to ask for opinions on whether or not the veterinarians provided the right advice on how to handle Mango's health. I want to...
  18. JayInTheJungle

    New Dad to a Recued Wild Baby Red and Green Macaw

    So I'm tending my first baby macaw. I've raised other baby bird rescues before but this is the first time with a large parrot. So here is the backstory: some local farmers were clearing forest for pasture (soap box: Don't eat South American Beef! I have a front row seat to how cattle practices...
  19. A

    New bird owner?

    Hi, my names katy and I’ve been thinking about getting a bird but I need some help on which one to get? I’ve already done a couple years of research and am well aware that birds aren’t as what is seen online though they do have their moments. I know they bite and get hormonal and that you need...
  20. K

    The Start Of My Journey With Kiwi

    I was given a macaw for my birthday, January 26 that I was very unprepared for. Kiwi is my adorable harlequin macaw. Her birthday is August 13 and she is about 6 months old. She has her own room with her cage taking up 95% of the space. I want her to have the best life possible so I'm trying to...