1. J

    Weaning macaw

    Hello everyone my macaw is about 2 and a half month old right now, at what age should I start weaning the bird on adult food ? ,fruits etc….
  2. M

    Advice on supplementary medicine during heatwave for Macaw breeding pair

    Hello! I am from Bangladesh and we are facing an extreme heatwave with temperatures soaring to 41 degree Celsius and it is estimated to continue for much longer. Can anyone suggest if we can supplement with Calcivet super calcium during this heat for our Macaw breeding pair? Or could it cause...
  3. W

    Incubator Macaw Baby Feed

    Hi! Can someone tell me when I should start feeding just hatched incubator macaw babies? Like, after how long should I start? Thank you!
  4. E

    Blue and Gold Macaw Tips?

    so this is my first post on here as i literally just found this forum about 30 minutes ago so be nice but i need some help with a 18 year old female blue and gold macaw. (pictures attached) the conditions here are a little specific so i haven’t been able to find anything super super useful...
  5. Scottie & Louie with their “Mac Daddy” 2

    Scottie & Louie with their “Mac Daddy” 2

    More rainbow 🌈 love!
  6. Scottie & Louie with their “Mac Daddy” 1

    Scottie & Louie with their “Mac Daddy” 1

    I’m surrounded by rainbow 🌈 love!
  7. C

    Questions in regards of Military Macaws

    Hello, hoping someone can help me. I am currently looking into buying a military macaw. But I am unsure of what licensing I need or do I need one to have this bird. Also, is it even legal to own one in California?
  8. T

    Step-up training

    “How can I help my 6-year-old blue and gold macaw named Hugo to overcome his fear when I move while he is perched on my hand, despite being comfortable with stepping up and staying on my hand? Additionally, Hugo enjoys head scratches and being touched, and he resides in a spacious cage measuring...
  9. G

    New Macaw Owner!

    Hello all, Very excited to introduce myself as a brand new baby macaw owner. Yesterday my fiance and I bought a 5 month old baby B&G. He (Barry) is so precious, he is an absolute love bug! We are so happy, we have both wanted a parrot since we were small children! We recently bought our...
  10. K

    Screw it should I do it

    Since I'm getting 2 macaws now that are both very beautiful and one is endangered and the other one vunerable. (Blue throated and military macaw) and since these birds are priceless to me and are rare. I thought I might as well just get them a fully stainless steel aviary from A&E for both of...
  11. K

    I have a problem...

    I have just found out that the breeder I was going to get the macaw from cannot ship him across state lines since they don't have a permit. I'm also unable to drive there and pick him up because of complications. Do you guys know any good breeders that may have blue throated macaws and cold ship...
  12. K

    Which one?

    I've found 2 cages 1 thats 86"x62"x79" for 1,788$ and another thats 81.6"x 86.4"x 63.6" for 799.99 which should I get they're both walk in aviaries.
  13. K

    I'm wondering what is the minimum size for blue throated macaw

    I'm planning on getting a blue throated macaw and was looking at cages and was wondering what the smallest I could go is for the time being just until I can get a bigger cage. Let me know if you have any other information on the topic and if you know any specific cages that would be good. I have...
  14. ImaParrot

    Just Bird Drawings

    This is what I spent my morning doing. I'm only good at drawing big birds like cockatoos and macaws. I'm terrible at drawing budgies.
  15. M

    Looking for Illiger’s Macaw Breeder

    Having a really hard time finding an active breeder of Illiger’s Macaws that isn’t a scam. Does anyone know of any active breeders?
  16. R

    Friend convicted for green-wing macaw transport

    Hi everyone, I believe this is not a usual topic here, but here it is. One of my friends was transporting macaw from Belgia to Bulgaria with legal documents of bird registration and a vet certificate. They arrested him at the Serbian border with the conviction of "Illegal transport of endangered...
  17. lunyluna

    Beware of Zupreem - Macaw in Crisis

    I've had my rescued Scarlet Macaw Luna for 3 1/2 years now, and throughout that time (and her year-long foster period beforehand) she has been on a Zupreem pellet diet. She started on the regular fruit blend for large birds, then I started mixing in the natural and veggie blends, and finally...
  18. Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

    Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

    Shandie the B&G
  19. Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

    Mele Kaliki’maka from our Ohana to yours!

  20. C

    Seeking Female B&G Macaw

    Hi to all! I am looking for a female/hen Macaw, preferably a Blue and Gold and I live in the San Antoni, Texas area. I currently own a 6 year old male Macaw and he would like a hen for Christmas. If you need to rehome a female Macaw please contact me. Thank you!