1. L

    Help with My B&G

    Lola is a rescue and she is very sweet and loving. I have no history on her except that except that she's been living with a wonderful couple for the last 2 years that had rescued her from a chain smoking asthmatic. The lady that rescued her already had a macaw and there was a power struggle...
  2. Nikoson

    Is there a difference if the father of a hybrid is a blue and gold or green wing

    I’m thinking of getting a harlequin macaw but I read that the father contributes more to looks and personality, is this true?
  3. M

    Blue and gold fussy eater

    Hi everyone recently I re homed a 18yr old blue and gold macaw. When I first had her she would only eat seed, I’ve managed to now get her eating Kaytee pellets. I’ve been trying to train her to step up and come when called. I’ve been trying lots of fruit and veg but she’s just not interested in...
  4. PXL_20210915_173104454.jpg


    Orinoco/Pirate and me. This is our first time stepping up!! We were both very happy about it.
  5. 20210304_101447.jpg


    B&G Macaw 3 y/o male Bogie (my purpose)
  6. O

    Excited to Be Here!

    Hello Everyone & Your Birds, I have had smaller birds (budgies, greys), and used to work caring for hawks and owls, but I am about to become a first time mom to a Green and Gold Macaw by the name of Orinoco The Pirate. I am adopting him from the wife of one of my hospice patients. He is about...
  7. M

    Greetings from Thailand

    Hi, I am a new member from Phrae, Thailand. We have a 3 year old Blue and Gold Macaw which we love dearly. Phrae is in the north of Thailand, lots of culture, mountains and good food. I love to drive around here with my motorbike and discover new things. Hoping to get some information from...
  8. R

    Macaw scissor beak HELP!!!

    Hi there, A week ago I bought beautiful Harlequin Macaw, Dino. Dino is 3 months old and he have scissor beak problems, upper beak is 4mm on the right side. So breeder said that there is procedure named ' Trans-sinus Pinning', and we did it, but not successful, he basically took that pin off...
  9. K

    Aviator Harness - Blue Gold Macaw

    Dear Forum My Blue and Gold Macaw (3 year old) get very scared from the aviator harness I bought. whenever sees the harness she jumps and flies away and hides! She gets so aggressive after see it tries to rip it off, I did force it once on her as she has flown away once when i took her...
  10. Mr. M

    Mr. M

    My daughter's macaw, M. We think he's either a Harlequin or Catalina macaw, but are unsure which. His backstory is in the New Members Welcome forum, under "Unplanned Macaw Caretaker."
  11. M

    New to the community

    Good morning all you bird lovers! My name is Michael and I am new to this community. I have previously owned several birds including a tiel, peach and Fischer's Lovebirds, a quaker and my last and most precious is a TAG. But I am moving up into the world of large birds by welcoming home a 3 year...
  12. R

    Illigers macaw breeding

    Hi, Does anyone have a female Illigers that they want to try breeding? Thanks, Rocky
  13. J

    Help: Red Fronted Macaw problems!

    Hi Everyone. I am a long time experienced parrot owner. I have an African Grey, a yellow shouldered Amazon, a Cape parrot, and I just got, what I thought was my final dream bird, a red fronted macaw. I have read that they are the most affectionate and friendly of the macaws, and I had met a few...
  14. N

    In Need of Advice

    HELP!! In Need of Advice We're all familiar with this story: Person sees bird, person likes bird, person brings home bird, bird bonds with someone else and the rest is history. But never in a million years did I think it could happen to me. A little over a month ago, my family welcomed...
  15. U

    Macaw feeding advice

    Hello there, What should a b&g macaw's feeding routine be like? From youtube I saw pellets and veggies in the morning then fruits and seeds as dinner in the afternoon.... should they have food available at all times? And if so then what kind, pellets, veggies, fruits? And during the night do you...
  16. D


    Hi All. New here, mainly looking to connect with other Macaw/Hahns owners as I get to know Max who came home today. (We were told it's a male, but I plan on having him DNA sexed to be sure.) Not sure yet if he's keeping that name, either way. We were told Max is around 2 years old. We also...
  17. G

    Age to start weaning macaw?

    Hello, I've read a lot about weaning, in this forum and on internet. But due to this post and specially of this comment of SilverSage, saying to start to offer weaning food to a 3 weeks old cockatiel. (At the begining I though It was a cockatoo) "You should be offering weaning foods. Fresh...
  18. _Eleven_

    I brought home a blue and gold macaw

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this website, but that is not the case yesterday I brought home a blue and gold macaw with all my allowance, and I named him/her Eleven. (Yes I named it from stranger things my favorite show). And now I put it on my stand (because I don't have a cage yet) and speaking...
  19. S

    Looking into adopting large parrot...but I have cats.

    Hi everyone, I know that I may get flamed, but please try to go easy on me. I'm brand new here and looking for some constructive advice. Over the last few years, I have been researching parrot ownership and recently began visiting a local parrot rescue. I am very interested in adopting a...
  20. H

    So, then, how DO I find a macaw?

    So. Been a pet lover for many years now, and my family's a pet-loving one as well. Thought for many years about acquiring a bird of my own. Big guy; would prefer a larger bird, which pretty much narrows it down to a macaw. Hyacinthines come well-thought-of, and blue-and-golds as well. Read...