African Ringneck adoptee-to-be

My apologies for being late to the party. I've been following your journey in bits and pieces from the beginning. I can't begin to tell you how happy this whole thing makes me. If you've seen some of my posts, you know what a soft spot I have for the pluckers. So many people overlook them because they see the sadness, troubles, behaviors, or physical "imperfections" instead of the amazing being beneath the surface. My first ekkie, Patches, very quickly taught me to look past all that. You are the perfect parront for that gorgeous little boy, and he clearly knows that. A million thank yous for taking the time and care to get to know him, and giving him a wonderful home and a new life. Plucked or not, he's perfect. I completely understand why you became smitten with him so quickly
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Thank you! What I've read of your journey, and the encouragement from everyone here with plucky birds, is a big part of our journey too! I'm so glad to have found this forum and I'm just beyond happy to have friends that want to hear our story :)
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He's still very skittish and scared of hands/people, so I haven't tried to touch him yet.

But I've been surprised that he's interacting with me when I talk to him, and generally seems a lot more relaxed than I expected on his first day!
I’m really excited to hear about your journey with Cotton. You already are on top of everything with a humidifier, and spray bottle for misting. I was absolutely clueless when I brought Nico home. No one else I knew had experience with parrots yet alone one with medical issues. I finally started googling things for advice, and came across this very helpful educated forum. I wasn’t alone anymore trying to help my adopted parrot 🦜

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