Any idea what happened to her?


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Nov 22, 2022
Can someone help me?

I had an 11 year old lovebird, she died last Friday. Her name was Peri. She was a hybrid lovebird (fischer x personata)

A few months ago Peri's behavior changed a little bit: she was flying worse and had problems when landing, and she was flying less and less. I also noticed that he liked to go out of his cage less and sometimes he had diarrhea (although sometimes he had normal stools). Otherwise she was still the same, active, eating and drinking, bathing, preening her feathers and even playing and giving me affection. I didn't give it any importance (mistake on my part, I still deal with that guilt) and I didn't take her to the vet because (out of ignorance) I thought it would be because of her age or that she would grow out of it.
After that I decided to give her a vitamin and calcium complex to see if she could get back to what she was before, but it didn't work.

Last week, I woke up and when I saw her, her left paw was completely paralyzed. I got really scared and thought it was not normal so I called the vet.
They wouldn't give me an appointment until the next day so I kept Peri warm and calm in her cage.

The next day I had to go to the emergency room before my appointment time because Peri was very sick.

When I arrived at the clinic, the vet touched her and told me that she was very thin and with a swollen cloaca, and that according to her symptoms it could be liver or kidney problems or even a tumor.

Peri stayed at the clinic and they put her on heat and fluids so they could run tests but unfortunately she did not hold on and died.

I am devastated, they didn't do a necropsy because I didn't know what could be done. I can't stop thinking what could have happened to her? What disease could he have? I think Peri could have lived longer and that torments me.

Any idea? Thank you very much! Sorry for my English...


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Jan 7, 2022
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I am so sorry for your loss :( I recently had one of my budgies suddenly die, and it's a horrible feeling.

I think an underlying illness or other health issue might have caused her to die. I'm not exactly sure what though. I'm not a vet.

I think your lovebird was happy and healthy in your home. It seems like you care a lot about her.

Try not to blame yourself, as hard as it is.

Sending hugs your way during this tough time.


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Apr 25, 2020
Yes, it sounds like your bird had been sick for a while. I couldnโ€™t begin to guess what happened with her. I am wondering if she had an egg that she could not lay, as you wrote that she had a swollen cloaca. But again thatโ€™s just a guess.

I am very sorry this happened to your bird. Birds are fragile in some ways; itโ€™s best to have a vet check your bird after you buy it to make sure your bird is well and healthy. That way you know your pet doesnโ€™t have any surprise issues.

As my first โ€œbiggerโ€ bird, I bought a Quaker parakeet when I knew very little about pet birds. I didnโ€™t know that she was sickly her whole life. Turned out she probably had aspergillosis when she came from the breeder; she never did well and I spent so much money (thousands) trying to fix her and find the problem.

It would have been best if I had taken her to the vet to be checked over right after I bought her, but I didnโ€™t know to do that.

Now I know to have any issues addressed right away. Diarrhea can be caused by many problems but the vet would be able to figure out what is wrong via tests, cultures, etc.

I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you can someday remember your Peri with happiness. If you would like to, you can write about her in the bereavement forum as many of us have lost birds and can understand some of your sadness.

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