Anyone near Bucks County, PA for cockatoo boarding


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Oct 15, 2013
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We have a bare eyed cockatoo female, very sweet girl, but typical cockatoo attention fiend. We are going away in January for about 6 days and this will be our first trip since Ivory came to live with us. She will be 4 in January.

We have a pet sitter that comes to our home for the small birds and cats, but Ivory does not do well when alone for long hours. She is wonderful about sleeping at night and don't hear a peep out of her until I open her cage in the morning.

I have been searching for boarding options so she is somewhere with activity and people all day. I found a local pet store, but not comfortable with her being in a pet store environment (she was an adoption thru a pet store and was not a happy camper while there). The closest avian vet does not board exotics (dogs and cats only) and I am checking with our other avian vet if anyone in their office would be interested in boarding.

I thought I would post here as well, if anyone is in our general vicinity and has experience with any services that I am just not finding online.

Thanks for taking the time to read!!

Not sure how far it is for you but I use bird mania outside of Allentown.
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We've been to birdmania... where did they board your bird, what area of the store? We were not thrilled with the setup and can't imagine where they would have birds boarded that would not be exposed to anyone who came in.

Thanks for responding and the suggestion tho!!!

They board in the main area so they get lots of attention. Customers are not permitted to touch boarders. But you can go up to and talk/sing with them. I've boarded our birds there a number of times and never had any issues. I'm also there on the weekend frequently and I've never seen anyone mess with anyone's bird that's boarding.

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