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Hey guys I have had my B&G since November and he has not had a long period of time in which he has shed a lot of feathers. A few here and there which is normal I know. Last week a he shed two large feathers (one tail and one wing) and then he went to boarding for 1 week. It is is first time away from us, he was in a new cage and everything was new. I know that this might have been stressful for him, but technically he should have had an ok time. He got handled, had is regular diet of mixed seeds, veggies and fruits. He didn't really have showers like how he has at home so thats another factor to throw in. He is home now, he was very happy to see us and we could tell. But he has been shedding a lot more feathers. Down, yellow and longer ones ( no wing or tail feathers).

Now here is what I need help in!! Lets put our fids mommy brains together!!

I live in Abu Dhabi, it is the end of Winter here, but it never really got cold. I know that they shed a little about 3 times a year and have a huge molt once a year and its usually in summer time or after breeding season. But how do i determine when his breeding season is and when is summer for him!! Summer in Abu Dhabi, Summer in Holland (where he was born), or summer where he is technically naturally from SA. Thanks so much for youre help.

BTW no holes or gaps and he doesn't have any pin feathers!!

Hope i didnt miss anything!!!

:blue1: Thanks!!


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Feb 26, 2013
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There should some pin feathers if hes going into a big molt. [Keep him happy and bathed]


Oct 23, 2012
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You bring up a very good question on what determines your B&G's moult. I don't have a scientific answer for you. I would think it would be more determined by the temps he is subjected to rather than instinctual behavior of bird moults. That"s just my thinking based on other animals & how the weather affects their shedding compared to breed specific shedding. But, I truly have no idea how a parrot's body decides when & how much to moult.
El be interesting to hear what does determine our feathered friend's moults from the experts on here.:D

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