Can parakeets catch bird mites from sitting on the inside of a screened window?


May 11, 2018
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…Or any other nasty things?

There are no, and have never been, any nests on the outside concrete ledge. But i’ve seen sparrows and an occasion dove rest on there for a few, until they move off into the tree or sky. But not while my bird is there.

My bird will go sit on a perch in front of the window, but I’ve seen him inside the window next to the screen, a few times over the summer.


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Feb 20, 2022
I'm not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but from a day of Google it sounds like maybe? Depending on your house structure and local bird population.

My area has a few species that could be carrying avian flu, and it has been found in my county, but they stay near the lake so my backyard *should* be safe, for example.

From what I looked up, as far as mites, making sure to remove potential nesty spots around or on your house (furnace vents, eaves, etc) is a big piece of preventing them getting in to the house.

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