Catch 22


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Oct 23, 2015
1 YNA (Bingo)
1 OWA (Plumas R.I.P.)
1 RLA (Pacho R.I.P.)
2 GCA(Luna,Merlin) The Twins
1 Congo AG (Bella)
5 Cockatiels
The only time I can play with Bingo is when my spouse is not around.
this usually means when she is sleeping.
in the morning (she is not a morning person) and late afternoon nap.
Sometimes if she is working in the kitchen I can slip in some play time.

whatever time of day it is Merlin screams.
this behavior is contra indicated for sleeping/napping .
It doesn’t matter if I cover the Twins cage.
I say Merlin because he is the main noise maker but Luna does some too.

Luna saves her screaming for Merlin.
When those two are out of cage.
Only if the two are relatively close together is Luna quiet.
If Merlin is paying attention to Bingo (and Merlin is fascinated with Bingo) Luna screams.
If Merlin is playing with toys Luna screams.
If I pick up and hold Merlin Luna screams.

It looks to me like there is an Amazon union.
one amazon parrot by itself is not allowed to have fun.
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Sounds like one of those odd couple things or just Amazons' driving Humans nuts!
No not the Odd couple, Three’s Company.

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