Luna bit Bingo


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Oct 23, 2015
1 YNA (Bingo)
1 OWA (Plumas R.I.P.)
1 RLA (Pacho R.I.P.)
2 GCA(Luna,Merlin) The Twins
1 Congo AG (Bella)
5 Cockatiels
The normal morning routine got disrupted this morning by the unexpected.

Normally when the Twins come out Merlin will first “check on” Bingo and Luna will fly up somewhere.
Checking on Bingo means climbing along the side of Bingo’s cage and ending up opposite his food dish.
Bingo just about ignores Merlin even when inches apart.
This morning Luna wanted to supervise and stayed on top of Bingo’s cage.
Then she climbed down the front of Bingo’s cage and when Bingo realized it was Luna he scrambled to get to her.
I expected Luna to take off but she was out for blood as much as Bingo was.
I broke it up, I was just feet away but first blood went to Luna.

I noticed Bingo was favoring his right foot and I saw some blood.
I bundled him up in a towel and my son applied that medical blood stopping stuff (not the corn starch we usually use).

He is acting normally right now and no bleeding.
I thought about giving him some pain medicine but he doesn’t seem to be favoring the foot anymore

It’s really amazing to me how differently Bingo reacts to Luna vs Merlin.
Whenever Bingo is on top of his cage and closes to the Twins cage Luna goes into “the line of death“ display.
guess there not destined to be friends.

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