A month away from my amazon’s


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Oct 23, 2015
1 YNA (Bingo)
1 OWA (Plumas R.I.P.)
1 RLA (Pacho R.I.P.)
2 GCA(Luna,Merlin) The Twins
1 Congo AG (Bella)
5 Cockatiels
I was gone up north for a bit longer than a month but cuz of the need for a rapid departure I was not able to prepare my flock ahead of time.
Normally I tell them for a few days that I am going on a long bye bye.

I had no problem with Bingo on my return.
He was overjoyed to see me. Dancing and talking.
He’s been a little bit stand off ish for the first 2 days.
But he sat with me, asked for scratches and even played a bit this am.

I lost ground with the Twins.
First day-no step up with either bird.
second day Merlin yes Luna still no.
third day both step up.

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