Cold shoulder after going away


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Apr 26, 2022
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This is just a little story of last weekend, sorry if it belongs somewhere else I couldn’t find the stories section.

Solo is my boy, he loves me very much and will shoulder surf whenever he can. He’s not affectionate
but he shows his love in his own way.

anyway, last weekend I went to visit my friend for two nights, hubby stayed at home and Solo was as good as gold for him.

when I got home I immediately went up to Solo and said how lovely it was to see him and would he like to say hello Etc… he just looked at me and flew off to the other side of the room and ignored me for about 40 mins. Then he flew back and sat on my shoulder and then generally played naughty to get attention; when put away for dinner he sang his screechy happy song for about an hour. Hubby said he had been well behaved but silent for The 2 nights I was away.

I think he was a bit annoyed I had gone ‘missing’ for two days ! fortunately it didn’t take too long for him to forgive me.
I was just wondering does anyone else bird do this ?
Edit- I just read the Tuesdays back from vacation post, very interesting!

last night I went out for a few hours, and when I got back he was not asleep… but waiting, on his corner perch and seemed really excited to see me, did a little tappy run on the spot and bobbed his head up and down. It was very cute. then he jumped back to his roosting spot.

On a side note we are going on vacation next year and have arranged a sitter, who he adores; probably more than me ! she will have to go to work for a few hours on some days but will be living here with him. I’m sure he will be over the moon to be living with her. At the moment he sees her a few times a month. I said today I will leave some videos she can play to him of us singing/talking. Hopefully he won’t be too mad when we get back.

edit= I just read how to explain it to them like for Salty, I’ll do that next time and see if it helps. I haven’t taught him counting maybe I should.
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Nov 9, 2017
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When I had to go to the hospital a number of years ago, my adult daughter (who lived with me) took care of our Goffin's cockatoo. It was unexpected and being I worked at home, he was used to me being around all day long. When I got home, about a week later, he ignored me for days. I guess my point is that Salty's reaction is not unusual.


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Nov 22, 2015
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IT does work, trust me. Re-counting, anytime I give Salty anything I always count it out to him. While I dont know if he understands numbers per se, if he usually gets 4 little pieces of pine nut as a mid day snack and he gets 3, he definitely knows it.

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