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Sep 7, 2006
Hi there all, don't know how long I'll be able to stay on tonight, as am having real probs with the computer. The engineer came out yesterday, and then disappeared for 4 hours:eek: When he came back and got everything sorted out, well supposedly, was puting all my files back on computer last night, but it is so damn slow, phoned them up again today and had to wipe the thing again, BRING BACK MY OLD HARD DRIVE. I'm almost positive the engineer has put in an old hard drive, it is so much slower than before. Am just waiting for the updates to load, have only been waiting for that for the last 30 mins so far and I think we are half way through, so I mean we are getting there, Anyway, don't think I'm gonna be doing anymore just in case I have to wipe the thing again tomorrow. If thats the case they can come and take this thing back and replace it for me. Its still under warranty so thats a good thing. I'll be popping in and out for a while, hopefully. Be back soon.
I do hop that you get up and running smoothly in a short time. Nothing's worse than having a bum computer. Good luck.

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This one is becoming a real pain in the A*** New hard drive yesterday and it looks like I'm gonna have to phone them up again tomorrow as its still not right.:mad:
That stinks! I hope you get everything straightened out real soon. :)

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