Conure cage questions?


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Oct 12, 2007
Hello Everyone, I'm new here and I need some help. I already have large birds, however I just got a Sun Conure and I need a decent cage for her. I've done some research and find that 5/8" bar spacing is about all I want to get? I was in a bird store a while ago and saw some Sun Conures in a flight cage that I think was made by either A & E or HG maybe? It had 1/2" bar spacing and was about 32" long, nice height and depth. I think it's originally made for finches but there were about 3 Sun Conures in this cage and I liked the way they looked in it. The bars weren't so thick that that's all you saw like my larger bird cages. Do any of you know or think a cage like this would be good for a Sun Conure? If you have other recommendations, I would love to hear those too. Right now she's in a relatively small wired cage. She does not terrorize the bars on the cage she's in now and they are about the sage gage as the flight cage I have been looking at. Any advice on the best manufacturers would be appreciated too. My larger bird cages are California Cages and a very old Kings Cage. I can not fork out the bucks for a stainless model so I'm looking for a good painted model. Thank you.

For ALL CONURES, unlike finches, they don't need room to fly in their cage, what they need is room to CLIMB! A flight cage is not going to properly house your Sunny ... Our Sunny is in a cage that you could put an eekie or a grey, our GCC is in a cage that you could probably house a Sunny or a Jenday in ... I also think that this store is doing a disservice to those Sunnies by putting them in a cage like that ... :(
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I am not planning on allowing my conure to fly. The purpose for this cage was good amounts of room for toys as well as letting her flap her wings. I do not see how using a cage like this prohibits or hinders climbing. Would someone please like to explain this to me? The cross bars that are provided appear close enough that the conures could reach with beak and/or feet to the next bar. Isn't this climbing? You mention that you have cages for a GCC, a grey and an eekie? What is an eekie? What kind of a cages do you use? Who are the better manufacturers of cages (not stainless). How big of a cage should a Sun Conure have? Is there anyone else that has experience with this and would you please chime in with your suggestions please? Thanks
you mentioned the the width of the cage 32" long ... what is the height and the width?
I'm looking at getting Sidney a 28X20X60 yes floor all the way to the peak of the dome. I don't know about sunnies but Sidney(my jenday) is really giving the cage he's in now a beating chewing on everything and he has about figure how to undo the latch for the food and water doors. You should have a very minimun of 20X20X24. Tex is right conure are very acrobatic and love tall cages with things they can swing around from. I will post a couple of link later to some cages I'm considering on Ebay. BTW Sidney is quite a bit larger than the average sunnie - too much pecans i guess, but you should offer tha absolute largest you can afford as long as bar spacing is correct around
5/8th. Even if the cage is reccomended for larger birds go with it.

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