Conures in a half basement


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Mar 24, 2023
Sun conure
So we just moved to Illinois and the new house has no places for a bird room except a room in the basement with a fireplace (which we won't use and if we do we will bring the birds upstairs) and the basement it finished and the furnace room and laundry room are 2 doors away from the bird room and we got the basement tested for radon and mold and the results are good so we are having a air purifier there we have windows down there and they are really big windows and it's the biggest room in the house so is it OK if I keep my bird down there?
WHile technically you can keep them in the basement, most parrots do better when they are in the thick of everyday family life. UNless you and your family re down in the basement a lot during the day, it may not be an ideal place for your birds. At night, that is different.

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