New to forum, and have a new pineapple green cheek conure.


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Mar 28, 2024
Pineapple Greencheek Conure, Budgies
Hello all. I'm looking forward to becoming an active member here. I have budgies, and I just got a 1 yr old untamed fully flighted conure, named Tango. I am trying gain his trust right now but not really sure what more to do at this point. On first night home 2 days ago, it was late so I just put the travel carrier in the cage. The next morning I went to retrieve the carrier and Tango flew out of cage. The cage is in my bedroom so at least we are in one room. I have perches and toys he has taken to. I left the smaller top door open to his cage and he does go in on his own now. I did shut the door at one point and he was fine, but after a bit he was trying to find his way out. I opened the door trying to keep things as easy as possible since this was a new environment for him. He came out and went back to his favorite perch. He seems quite content. Not noisy at all. Chirps rather quietly. Watches TV, and looks at me alot when I talk to him. He will fly into the bathroom and perch on shower rod. (I keep toilet lid down) he will make some flights around the room. I do walk around the room doing my normal activities and talk to him. He just watches me. I will get as close as I can but if I see him start inching away I don't go any closer and just redirect my path. I got him on the seasonal feeding system by birdtricks and I give pellets in the afternoon and he has made that adjustment really well. I still offer him his favorite seeds and spray millet. Today he has started flying closer to me but not to me. Makes me wonder if he is trying to dive bomb me. He hasn't touched me. Or attacked or anything. Wondering if I'm going the right path or if I should be doing more. I'll be moving him to our large sunroom this weekend. I'm still getting it set up right now as it had been used as mainly storage space. I'll have my budgies in there too. Thanks for letting me share and I look forward to gaining insight and bird knowledge from you all.


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