Door Perch stopped working


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Jan 18, 2022
Quaker Parrot Sun Conure
For several months, I had a perch on the cage door and used it as a way to get my Sun Conure out of the cage. She would go to it and I would open the door and she would step up onto my hand.

for the past few weeks, it stopped working. Now when she perches on there and I open the door she does one of the following when I offer my hand, even if I have treats.

1. She will go back in the cage (this is the most common thing now)
2. She will nibble at my finger and push it away.
3. She will screech at my hand and lunge.

Now I just stick my hand in the cage and just have her step up. She will be a bit resistant but not really bite. I move my hand slowly and eventually, she gets on. It's a bit sloppy but I am wondering if it is okay to have her step up onto my hand from inside the cage?

Why did the door perch stop working? I guess it got too predictable for her. I notice she picks up on repative patterns. If I do things the same way, she starts to wise up LOL!

Also, my cage is 32 x 21 by 38 inches but it's on a stand and so it is about 63 inches (my height). When she goes to the top, I can never get her off unless I target her back inside the cage. She will not step up from up top and if I stand on a stool and try to do it she will lunch and nip.

I will add that she has been doing a lot better than I thought. Her bestie (a female Quaker parrot) passed away on May 14th. I have been able to handle her much better compared to when I had the two of them. She lets me touch her wings, I can hold her like a burrito. I can pick her up (she will step up) more confidently. The nasty bites that she was given me the past year have stopped. I believe she knew her buddy was sick long before I did and was protecting her.

She loves training. I am currently teaching her how to drop objects into a bowl LOL!


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May 29, 2015
New Jersey
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Mine steps up from the cage.
I dont want him to be territorial about his cage and not be threatened when I stick my hand in.

Sorry about the loss of your other bird.

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