Fleas...or mites....or something else?


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Apr 2, 2022
About two weeks ago, my husband and I felt something bite us in bed while sleeping. We freaked out vaccumed the crap out of our bedroom and moved on. Then about one week ago, we felt another bite after having used a different blanket. We've put flea traps down but have caught nothing. We are vaccuming like crazy and have quarantined ourselves to the living room. But now we are getting bit out here. The weird thing is, there are no bite marks...even the first time we got bit. We've been using lint rollers on ourselves when we feel it and have been picking up tiny black flecks that are too tiny to determine what the heck they are (even with a 30X magnifying glass). This all started when the neighbor who lives beneath us did some serious renovation work in their bathroom (which is right below our bedroom in the floor plan). That's our best guess because we go nowhere and do nothing (literally. my husband is so ill with a mystery chronic condition). Maybe somethings were living in the walls??? Anyone have any similar experiences? BLACK FLECK BUGS THAT BITE BUT DONT LEAVE MARKS??? We called our landlord and are waiting to hear back about bringing in an exterminator.
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Also, if we bring in an exterminator, we will be removing Cozy. If anyone has used an exterminator before, what have you done with your birb???
Hmm. The mark they leave partly depends on how much your immune system reacts to the insect. I suppose if you both weren’t having much immune reaction you might not get a mark from a bite.

I think fiberglass can feel like tiny bites. I am wondering if some substance that was in the walls got into the air and prickles when it settles on fabrics. Because fleas and bedbugs should be very visible with a magnifying glass. ??
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That’s something that I hadn’t thought of. I think we may have caught one though, but not positive. It’s so weird. The hardest part though, is having to stay away from Cozy’s cage unless we need to change food and water. So far I haven’t seen her itch out of the ordinary yet. But it’s so sad. She looks so sad. We keep talking to her and singing to her and whistling. But it breaks my heart. I hope she doesn’t think that we are kicking her out of the flock. 😩
Why are you staying away from her? So she can’t catch whatever this is?

If it is some sort of “bite”, birds can’t catch fleas or bedbugs and the mites that live on feathers only live on birds.

I am sorry you’re having such a hard time.
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Why are you staying away from her? So she can’t catch whatever this is?

If it is some sort of “bite”, birds can’t catch fleas or bedbugs and the mites that live on feathers only live on birds.

I am sorry you’re having such a hard time.
Yes, we have been trying to keep her from catching whatever this is.

Really??? That makes me very happy to hear. But, I’ve read that while fleas and bed bugs prefer mammals, birds could technically still get them if the flea were desperate enough? However, Cozy is getting pretty desperate to be with us and us with her. Does the small physical risk outweigh the emotional need that could make her (and me) very depressed? I don’t know what to do. Thanks for replying. It’s really comforting.
I don’t think you need to worry about it.

Maybe if your house was overrun by fleas and then you got rid of the cat or dog that brought them in, they’d be that hungry. But you’re talking about occasional prickles. If you notice your bird is sad, please go back to petting her.

By the way, bird mites are rare in pet birds and very host specific. So you don’t have to worry about catching them from your bird.

I’m glad to be helpful!

Sorry your family is having a hard time.

My old Quaker would have told you, “it’s o-cage”.
If you are very concern, consider extensive time after your shower or a change of clothing.
I fully agree with my good friend above, be back to loving on your Parrot!
Fleas and bedbugs are visible with normal sight.

The chemicals used today are very different and the serviceman will provide a timeline your Parrot needs to be out of the apartment. I always triple their number.
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Thanks HeatherG and Sailboat. This truly is a nightmare. I finally have bite marks from the fleas. The exterminator is coming here on Tuesday for an assessment. Trying to find a hotel that’s not a dump that will allow birds. Anyone in the state of NJ know of any hotels?? I’d hate to separate her from her flock and board her at the vet, but if I have to I will 😓

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