Found More Gray Lovies


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Jan 24, 2006
Peachfaced lovebirds, Timneh African greys
This ad has someone selling a clutch of violet lovies. Two are violets and one is gray like mine and the fourth is a dark, dark gray (slate?). If I lived closer, I'd buy these in a heartbeat!

Ad for gray lovies

I hope the person I "borrowed" this picture from doesn't mind. These are the birds in the ad for sale. These aren't my birds.
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The one on the right, hanging on the cage looks Cinnimon. Is that what it would be called, like a Cockatiel is? I don't know the proper terms for the color mutations on Lovies.
Actually Alison, that is called a Slate or Double Dark. Because of the camera flash, the birds feathers have been lightened considerably.
You're right that it does resemble what would be called Cinnamon in a Cockatiel.
If you could see this bird without the flash of the camera, it would be quite dark. Actually, it's the same mutation from the other picture that I posted the other day.

Thanks Michael, one of these days I may actually get the names right. :) Cockatiel colors are so much easier to keep straight. My friend has several Lovies that I haven't a clue what they are called, and neither does she actually.......and she bred them!
Ugh. That cage is so dirty. :eek:
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MKay said:
Ugh. That cage is so dirty. :eek:
Yes I saw that. It wouldn't have taken any time to clean the cage and then snap the pictures.
For some that is far too much trouble, poor little things,

It makes me so mad that people leave cages in that state!!
Alot of people don't seem to care what condition their cages are in, or who sees them in those conditions. I'd die of embarassment and shame if my cages were ever left unclean like that for any reason. Poor birds.
When I first rescued Errol and Flynn, their cage was 10 times worse than that, it was a lot smaller, a budgie cage, and it had 4 birds in. Errol, Flynn and two cockatiels, unfortunately I couldn't save the two tiels and they died shortly after I brought them home! How disgusting. I got in the car and just sobbed no animal should have to live like that:mad:
I couldn't save the two tiels and they died shortly after I brought them home!

Oh thats so sad :( . It must have been heartbreaking for you to see them die and be wondering if the others would survive or not.
It seemed like ages before I was sure that they were going to be fine, they were really just skin and bones. Thankfully they are fine now and that awful time seems like such a lot time ago now. Although I will never forget the others.

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