Galah Cockatoo


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Apr 26, 2017
Lakewood NJ
congo african gray
Hi everyone, I’m looking to adopt/buy a galah cockatoo, I refuse to buy one from a parrot shop or breeder, I currently have five year old CAG that I got from this guy in NJ that looked like he was a parrot hoarder, he had 5 CAG’s in his bedroom and never takes them out of the cage!
A month ago I got a sun conure from someone in NY that was defiantly just neglected and not taken care of, today both parrots are defiantly having a better life with me and my family, I feed them everything I can and the best food and a lot of time spent with both parrots, I got full blood tests done by Animal Genetics in FL and they are healthy birds
Bottom line is parrots need to be adopted or to buy from people that can’t take of one anymore, so I will like to give a good home to a galah cockatoo adopt/buy from a privet person.
I did contact two bird shelters in NJ but I find them difficult to deal with.
Willing to drive to NJ, PA, NY, CT, MD

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