GCC poop is a weird color and looks weird


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Jul 4, 2022
Green cheek conure
I got a green cheek conure 2 days ago and named him melon (he's around 2 months old), he has been active, although not much but I am guessing it's because he's still getting used to the place.
I have a few questions about gcc poops
1. Do they poop a lot? Melon keeps pooping a lot, less than 5 minutes apart, sometimes not even 3 minutes.
2. His poop is Grey with a little bit of white and no liquid most of the time, it's also very small, but I guess thats expected since he poops every 5 minutes, I want to know if his poop is normal or if I should take
him to the vet?

These are some images of his poop. (the pictures are bad because my phone is old and has a bad camera and also because the poop too small for it to focus nicely)


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Mar 15, 2022
Fairfield Connecticut
Maddox is a green cheek conure
I really wouldn't worry much about that at all. The funny thing with most birds is that they poop a lot! It surprised me as well when I first brought Maddox home. As for the feces itself, it looks normal. The white urate means that your bird is well hydrated and there is no sign of blood or bile. A pale yellow is a normal and healthy color so honestly, everything looks just fine. Congratulations on your new friend Melon! Conures are such rewarding pets and I wish you both the best.

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